Southern Mom Loves: Pillow Box Valentine's Cards! {Free Printable}

Pillow Box Valentine's Cards! {Free Printable}

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

With Valentine's Day approaching, I've been thinking up all kinds of fun paper crafts to make. These cute little pillow box valentines are perfect for gifting little surprises! You can give them to family, friends, or make them for your child's whole class. They're a great way to gift homemade treats, something handmade, or a bit of candy with a love note. 

I created 4 woodland animal designs for these, because CUTE!

So you'll have 4 Valentines per page.

Start by printing out as many sheets as you need. Get the printable pdf here (the quality will be better than printing the image above), and print it at "100%" or "Do not scale."

Cut the boxes out along the solid black lines.

Crease along all of the straight dotted lines.

Apply paper glue to the short flap.

Bend it back and adhere the back flap over it.

Now let's turn it into a 3D box!

Put your pointer finger inside the box with your thumb on the outside flap. Bend the flap in at the center point and crease by pinching it.

Continue pinching the crease out all along the curved dotted line. Repeat with the remaining flaps to finish the box.

You now have a cute little Valentine's Day card that you can stuff with anything you like!

The shape of the flaps should hold in anything you'd like to put into it, but if you fill it with something heavier, you can tape or glue the flaps shut.

I hope you enjoy these fun little boxes this Valentine's Day!


Will you be printing these boxes for Valentine's? What will you stuff them with? I love to read your comments!

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