Southern Mom Loves: 6 Free Chore Chart Printables for Kids of All Ages!

6 Free Chore Chart Printables for Kids of All Ages!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

In my last post, I talked about teaching kids responsibility through chores and how to get started. A chore chart is a big part of helping the kids stay on task and motivated but I know not every parent is a whiz with making them, so for today's post, I'm giving you 6 free chore chart printables for kids of all ages!

These chore charts can be used in a couple of ways.

The first way is to print out a new chart each week. You can use programs like Word, Google Docs, or Acrobat to overlay the text on the printout for the chore list; That way you don't have to fill out the chart each week. This method would be useful if you're using stickers to mark the chores off as done, but my preferred method will save you paper, ink, and maybe a little sanity. :)

The second way is to print it out and place it in a picture frame. I like to overlay text for the chore list in Adobe Acrobat (select the text box icon). You can then use dry erase markers to check off chores and wipe it clean at the beginning of a new week. Easy-peasy.

To get the file, find the chart that you want to use and click the linked text underneath to open the PDF and download it to your computer. You can then open it and print it out as is or add your text before printing.

I designed 2 charts for younger kids with fewer and larger chore lines. For kids that aren't readers, you can use clipart from Word, draw a picture of the "chore" in the space, or even flip through magazines with your young ones to find pictures they can cut out and paste onto their charts.

There are 4 charts for older kids with designs that are a bit more mature. I hope you find one they'll love!

#1. Woodland Chore Chart

 Get the Woodland pdf here.

#2. Nautical Chore Chart


Get the Nautical pdf here.

#3. Tropical Chore Chart

Get the Tropical pdf here.

#4. Geometric Paper Chore Chart

Get the Geometric Paper pdf here.

#5. Galaxy Chore Chart

Get the Galaxy pdf here.

#6. Mod Vines Chore Chart

 Get the Mod Vines pdf here.

Hope you guys love using these pretty chore charts. If you find them useful, feel free to share!


Do your kids currently do chores? Which is their favorite chart? I love to read your comments!

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