Southern Mom Loves: Allure Beauty Box Unboxing - February 2019

Allure Beauty Box Unboxing - February 2019

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Hi, guys! I recently received my Allure Beauty Box for the month of February and it was packed with products for the skin and eyes. Also, when I say packed, it had more products than I thought were coming in it, so cool! I'll take you through everything that was inside, including the value of the products, share the discount codes they gave me for this month, and give you my thoughts on everything + give you the full spoilers for next month's box!

Just FYI, once I've had a chance to try everything out for a hot minute, I always do the reviews on my Instagram stories, but I've been thinking about doing them as static IG posts so it's easier to find just the review you want to see. Look for these coming soon!

If you didn't see my January Allure Beauty Box unboxing, I gave a warning about subscribing directly through Allure. The box itself is amazing for the price (it's only $15 a month), but their customer service...not so much.

Now, this is all hearsay from things that I heard from around the interwebs, but there was a whole lot of it; from comments on people's posts, blog reviews, and social media complaints, to the "reviews" on Amazon. Then I heard it firsthand from a friend on Instagram who got a duplicate December box, which she already had, instead of the box for January with that fab Sunday Riley in it. When she contacted their customer service, they implied that she was lying and wasn't going to send her January's box.

She was not okay with that in the least (go, girl!) and blasted them on social, after which someone higher up contacted her and sent her the correct box. They made it right, but what if you don't have the power of social media to back you up?

Moral of the story: You can subscribe through Amazon so you have them to back you up. I read stories like this so many times that I gave up my $5 off coupon to subscribe through Amazon instead and it was well worth it. That $5 savings off of 1 box isn't worth dealing with a PITA.

If you like my content and appreciate the lookout, you can subscribe through my Amazon affiliate link here and I'll receive, like, 10 cents for referring you. ;)

When you open the box, you have a few inserts. The booklet tells you about each product inside with details and sometimes an exclusive discount code. The codes are usually pretty sweet because this is Allure, so this month we had:

  • gorjana jewelry: $25 off, ALLURE25, until 12/31/19
  • Wander Beauty: 20% off your order, ALLUREWB, until 4/1/19
  • ModelCo: 30% off your order, ALLURE18, until 2/28/19
  • Moda: 20% off your order, ALLURE20, until 3/31/19
  • Mamonde (Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser only): 30% off your order, ALLURE30, until 4/1/19
  • The Brow Gal: 10% off your order, ALLURE19, until 4/1/19

This month, they sent the same cosmetics bag as last month, but in black. I'm actually not mad about getting another one of these every month because these are coming in much handier for organizing than the Sephora bags. They're clear plastic, but they have a nice, metal, screw head snap, which makes it look much fancier. I would actually consider using this black one as a clutch!

The first item in the box is the brand new Mile High Club Mascara from Wander Beauty. We were supposed to get the Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara (which I still want to try), but this one is just out and has rave reviews.

It is a full-sized product and sells for $26 ($2 more than Unlashed), and is for both volume and length. What I think is pure genius, and why I've been wanting to try the Wander mascaras so much, is that it comes in a flexible tube. You can actually use up all of your mascara! Love it.

The next product out is The Brow Gal Tinted Brow Gel with Microfibers ($22). I was kind of intrigued after looking more into this one. It's not just a brow gel, but it is also a filler because it's tinted and has microfibers for volume.

I received the color Brown Hair 02, which is not a match for me. It's the medium choice of their 3 colors, but it looks pretty light. For black hair, lighter brow pencils look terribly fake.

I hate trying out products just to waste them because I know they won't work for me, so I think I'll stash this one away to include in a giveaway prize package for you guys. So disappointing because if you've ever seen my eyebrows, you know I need some volume help. ;)

Next out was the Moda Metallics Triad Eye Brush ($4.99, you can get it here in a set for $14.99), which is pretty unique. I swear by brushes for applying your makeup (not the cheap foam "applicators" that come with the palettes) and this one looks like a keeper!

Moda brushes are pretty inexpensive, but I've only heard good things about the quality. The head is triangular, but also tapered, and I can see where they were going with this brush. Can't wait to give it a try! 

The last makeup product in the bunch was this ModelCo Metallic Eyeshadow Trio called Mykonos ($18AUS, which is about $13US as of right now). Hmmm.

My first thought was that the colors are gorgeous, but the palette is teeny-tiny. It's pretty, but I've got a lot of eyeshadow palettes to draw my eye. The booklet states that it gives you a subtle wash of color (I prefer more pigmented shades) and I think this one would get lost in the collection, so I'll be putting this in the giveaway stash.

Now for the skincare portion of our box! I love skincare products, but I'm trying out a host of new products right now, so trying these out is going to have to wait. Honestly, though, I cannot wait! 

The first product out is the Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser in a .84 fl. oz. sample size. The full 5.92 fl. oz. size is $21, so this sample is has a value of about $3. I love that this is a foaming oil cleanser because it's more gentle and won't strip the skin dry, but also I love floral scents and this Rose scent is ah-mazing!

There was also a Mamonde Flower Lab Essence Sheet Mask in Magnolia in the box ($7). I love a good mask and I can't wait to try this one. They make a whole host of floral sheet masks, and I love the scent of Magnolia, but I want to try them all! <3

Since we'll be getting the sister product to the Oil to Foam Cleanser, the Rose Water Toner, in the next Allure box (full spoilers at the end!), I think I'm going to put these away for a full-on "Mamonde Spa Night" next month.

The last product in the box is a sample (.25 oz.) of the Derma-E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum ($2.33 value, $19.99 for the 2 oz. full-size). It's said that "Vitamin C Concentrated Serum by Derma E helps to boost collagen health, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the appearance of uneven skin tone." I know it contains Hyaluronic Acid, which helps your skin retain moisture and plumps a bit.

While I've been wanting to try out some products by Derma-E, I'd rather this sample not sit around until it dries up, so I'll be putting it in the giveaway prize bag for someone else to take on a spin. :)

Total product value included in this box: approximately $78.32, not including the cosmetics bag. That's pretty awesome for a $15 box!

So far, I'm loving this subscription, so I'm going to keep going for another month, at least. I did snoop around for spoilers for March and I have them for you!

In all boxes:

Possible Variant items:

I still can't believe these boxes are just $15. Not that I want a price hike Allure, more like keep it up! It's really a bargain if you're into beauty products, and if you liked February's box, you can still get it until the end of the month here.


What do you think of this month's box? What kind of items would you like to see in future boxes? I love to read your comments!

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