Southern Mom Loves: I Tried Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray + Made a 'How to Use' Video!

I Tried Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray + Made a 'How to Use' Video!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

This post was sponsored by Gray Away as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Hi, guys! Summer is a ridiculously crazy time for us with trips, events, and activities, so it's also the time where I tend to let the things slide that aren't necessarily necessary, like letting my gray roots peek through for longer than usual.

I do use a root concealer, but it takes a long time to apply the powder with a brush, so when I was given the chance to try out a salon-quality temporary root concealer spray, I was so ready to save some precious, precious time. I gave the Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray a try and I have all of the details for you, including a little video I made to show you how to use it!

Hey, I'm all for growing your gray out gracefully, but I'm just not ready yet. For one, the combination of dark & light hair makes me look like I have bald spots, so when it's time to let it shine, I'm going to have to either repeatedly bleach the black color out or chop it all off. Nope, not ready.

I tried two of the Gray Away products: the Temporary Root Concealer Spray and the Root Touch-Up Quick Stick, both in Black/Dark Brown. They come in two additional shades (Light Brown & Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde) and they're made with self-adjusting color technology; Just choose the color that more closely matches your own shade.

The Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray is for larger areas, like your part line or crown, and is the fastest and easiest way to cover your gray roots (Seriously, watch the video below).

The pinpoint applicator makes it so much easier to use than the old-timey root sprays that got everywhere.

The Root Touch-Up Quick Stick is a way to target small areas like your temples or eyebrows for a more precise application. It's double-sided with an angled tip to apply the color and a sponge tip for blending if needed.

I tried this on my eyebrows and it worked really well! I have just a few annoying gray brow hairs that filling in my brows won't cover, so I used the tip of the wedge to "paint" those individual hairs and it worked perfectly to cover them without splotching. It also stayed in place until I washed it off. πŸ‘Œ

I did a video for you guys telling a little bit more about what it does, I show you how easy it is to apply, and also show you a before and after shot (yikes). Check it out below! ⬇️

I'll leave the before/after shot right here, too. See how the gray makes me look like my hair is thinning horribly? Does anybody else have this problem with their hair going gray?

I've been using it as an "everyday" concealer until I get time to dye my roots and it's worked a treat. I only wash my hair every 3 days during the summer (unless it gets dirty in the meantime) and the Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray stays in place until I wash it out. Easy-peasy!

The box states that it contains 40 applications (whoa!) so it's a really affordable way to take care of those roots temporarily, whenever you need to. I haven't gotten to the end of my bottle yet and I've used it quite a bit, not just on my part multiple times, but also for an all-over-the-top-of-my-head root cover-up.

To do this (and be able to let your hair blow wherever it wants πŸ˜‰), part your hair across the top (from front to back) every half-inch or so and spray lightly and quickly on each side of the part line. Don't forget to spray across your crown! Let it dry for a few minutes and you're all done!

You can find all of the Gray Away products in-store at ULTA Beauty or online here -> Temporary Root Concealer Spray & Root Touch-Up Quick Stick.


Are you going gray? Have you ever tried a temporary root concealer? I love to read your comments!

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