Southern Mom Loves: Satisfy Your Wanderlust with Some New Decor {9 Free Printables!}

Satisfy Your Wanderlust with Some New Decor {9 Free Printables!}

Monday, October 5, 2020

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Hi, guys! It's officially Fall and that means another season has passed and we're still stuck at home. πŸ˜’ Our family hasn't done much in the way of traveling this year and I've officially got Wanderlust. I can't stop dreaming of travelling and since I'm stuck at home, I created some fun decor printables that you can frame and hang in your space. I hope you're hanging in there. Maybe we can dream together? 😌

Mentally, I've had a few setbacks this year and I decided it was time to get back into the swing of things. For me, that meant continuing the home projects that I started this summer.

I decided at the beginning of summer that hubs and I were switching bedrooms and that required a lot of painting and scraping. I was almost finished when I had to put it down for a while. 

I had an idea for these images on the back burner and decided it was time to finish them. I got the idea from a Youtuber who did a couple of large decor pictures with scrapbook paper circles and squiggles. I wanted something more detailed and travel-related and was thrilled when I came across another artist who did a set of shapes for just this sort of project!

I used them to create and embellish a set of nine 5"x7" images set all around the world. You can use just one, create groupings of any size, or use all 9, like I did. They look great unmatted in a 5"x7" frame or you can cover a larger wall space by using larger frames with mats.

To start, you'll need the multi-page PDF file. Get the PDF here.

It contains all of the prints on 5 pages. You'll want to print these on heavy matte cardstock, but if you only have regular printer paper, that will work, too, if you're framing them tightly so the paper doesn't sag over time.

I used 9 cheapie 5"x7" frames. I wanted this to be a tight grouping without mats and it was surprisingly affordable! I got all 9 frames for under $14 total. You can get those at Walmart here.

I thought they were white wood but they turned out to be plastic, FYI. There were some cheapie white wood frames but I had trouble picking up 9 of them in my area. If you're ordering online, Walmart has lots of really inexpensive options in different finishes, so you can find one that goes with your decor and have them shipped to you.

Another idea for inexpensive frames is to hit up the dollar stores. The bright, simplistic art is the focus here so I wouldn't worry about going all out for expensive frames.

Start by printing out the prints you would like to use. Make sure to print them at 100% or 'Do Not resize'; These are perfectly sized to fit in a 5"x7" frame or a larger frame matted for a 5"x7".

If you have the option, choose 'Best' as your print quality. That will use a bit more ink but your colors will be much brighter and more saturated. If you can't find that option in your Print Dialogue Box, it might be tied to your paper choice. Make sure you set that to heavy cardstock or heavy brochure paper.

Cut out the prints you want to use.

When framing, having clear tape around is always useful. I like to center my prints and tape them in place so they don't shift over time. This is especially helpful when using mats with your frames.

Voila! I really enjoyed making these and I love how they turned out.

I'd suggest you lay out the framed prints and play around with placement before heading to the wall. The way you arrange the colors can make a big impact on your grouping.

If you live in an apartment or a place where you can't make holes in the walls, check out no-damage wall hanger strips. There are lots of different types but I think Command makes the most popular ones. You can find those to add on to your Walmart frame order here.

I hope you enjoy these prints and they do a little something to satisfy your wanderlust until we can all travel again! Hang in there! ❤

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Do you dream of travel? Will you be framing these prints? I love to read your comments!

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