Southern Mom Loves: Allure Beauty Box December 2020 Unboxing (My Last Box!)

Allure Beauty Box December 2020 Unboxing (My Last Box!)

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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Hi, guys! I'm here with the Allure Beauty Box unboxing for December 2020. This month's box was stuffed with products from Ciaté London, Mudmasky, Caudalie, My Beauty Brand, La Roche-Posay, Cetaphil, and a surprise from Amorepacific. This will be my last Allure Beauty box, so I'll walk you through it for the last time. Let's unbox it!

If you're new to these unboxings, Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty product subscription box that has a mix of makeup, skincare, haircare, and (sometimes) perfume and nail products. 

Allure's pricing and box contents/value have changed! You now get 6 or more products valued at $100+ (previously 5 or more products valued at $70+) with at least 3 full-size items (previously at least 2). The new cost is $23/month (previously $15) or $250/year (previously $165) and the shipping is free. 

You can see all of my past Allure unboxings here.

Allure Beauty Box - December 2020

When you open it, there's a little magazine right on top telling you all about the products inside and every month there are exclusive discount codes included in the booklet for some of the box products.

First out of the box is a full-size Mudmasky Leave-Me-On Winter Mask ($45.85).

I really like the sound of this mask. I've got their daily Blue Light mask in my desk drawer so I think this would be a good one for the purse. I sometimes find myself out in the cold, feeling dry and chapped.

"The Leave-me-on Winter Mask proactively shields you from the cold, dry winter air. This super-moisturizer repairs and nourishes the skin in the winter. It seals moisturizing ingredients into dry/ cracked/ flaking skin, while the invisible layer protects the skin from the dry and cold winter weather.

*Since the 2020 pandemic also recommended and used by thousands of doctors worldwide. Doctors and medical staff use this super nourishing leave-on mask under their surgical mask to prevent scars, rashes, and acne, better-known ask “maskne”."

Next out is a bonus sample of Cetaphil Deep Hydration Healthy Glow Daily Cream (1.7 oz. is $16.99 so this .35 oz. sample is worth approx. $3.54).

I get very dry winter skin, so I'll enjoy giving this a trial. It's also an inexpensive moisturizer option to repurchase ($16.99 at Target).

"This lightweight, non-greasy cream deeply replenishes skin’s hydration for 48 hours and improves the overall quality of sensitive skin. Our Cetaphil Deep Hydration collection features our latest hydration technology, the HydroSensitivTM Complex – an innovative blend of active moisturizers + blue daisy, a natural skin-soothing botanical -- to boost skin’s overall water content and seal moisture within. This nourishing cream also contains hyaluronic acid, niacinamide (B3), vitamin B5, and antioxidant-rich vitamin E to rehydrate and reveal a healthy glow."

Next out is an itty bitty sample of La Roche-Posay Retinol Face Serum with Vitamin B3 (1 oz. is $39.99 so this .17 oz. sample is worth approx. $6.67).

I've enjoyed some La Roche-Posay products and do make use of retinols in my skincare routine so I hope this one is as good as they claim. The tube is so tiny though!

"This anti-aging face and neck serum with pure retinol leaves skin feeling smoother, hydrated, and renewed. As a result, the look of lines, wrinkles and premature sun damage is reduced. This retinol serum combines concentrated pure retinol and vitamin B3 for optimal effectiveness while also being suitable for sensitive skin."

Next out is a sample of Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (1 oz. is $49 so this .3 oz. sample is worth approx. $16.33).

I'm a big fan of Caudalie and currently use their Vinoperfect Radiance Serum so I'm happy to give this one a try.

"The Vinosource S.O.S Serum captures and continually diffuses water with intensity to restore skin's moisture balance and to leave it feeling supple and fresh.

Thanks to a combination of different intelligent rehydrating active ingredients, this serum stimulates the internal hydration mechanisms, regulates water flow, and restores the skin’s water balance. Immediately, the skin feels as if drenched in water, plump, and springy. Replenished and soothed, your skin regains long-lasting suppleness, softness, and well-being."

Next out is a full-sized ByMe x MyBeautyBrand Black Liquid Eyeliner (I cannot even find this on their website to link it but Allure says it is $22).

My #1 ask in a liquid eyeliner is a waterproof, no-budge formula, that's why I've been a devotee of the KVD Tattoo Liner for years. This one is highly pigmented/wet but if you tend to touch your eyes all day, it may not be your bestie.

Sorry, guys. I usually give a synopsis from the brand about the product, but I can't find this one online anywhere. Maybe it's coming soon?

Next out is the Ciaté London Trend Edit Palette ($24).

I've tried quite a few products from Ciate London and have been pleased with them but I haven't tried out their eyeshadows yet. This palette is very pretty and I love the mix of mattes and shimmers in pinky-nude shades.

"Create sculpted matte and sparkling shimmer eyes with this versatile warm-toned palette. The highly pigmented shadows create both classic and playful day-to-night looks. Featuring a large mirror, this compact palette fits easily into your handbag for on-the-go enhancements."

Weirdly, I also received the signup bonus sample of AmorePacific Time Response Eye Reserve Cream (full-size is $260 so this .1 oz. sample is worth approx. $52, according to Allure).

So, we've discussed this before. This is a tiny, very expensive sample and I think I figured out why they threw this in. The value of the December box is $118.39 without it. With their price increase, they want the value to look better, but this ain't it.

Also, I just want to point out that this is one of the worst-offending false bottoms I've ever seen! Just use less plastic!!! You are fooling zero people.

So that was the full December Beauty Box from Allure. The box costs (now) $23 per month and this one had a value of approximately $118.39 without the "free gift" and $170.39 with the "free gift", so take that as you will.

So, this box was...disappointing. I'll tell you why: usually beauty boxes do a blowout December box for the holidays and those are the boxes I always look forward to. This was just like a regular box with a weird number of serums and moisturizers.

There are some products in here I love, some I like, but on the whole, it was sample-licious.

On that note, this will be my very last Allure Beauty Box unboxing. The price increase has me comparing it to BoxyCharm & Ipsy which have all full-sized products at that price-point. If I'm going to spend higher, I expect much more from a beauty box.

What do you think about this month's box value vs. the price increase? 

Here is where I usually do the spoilers for the next month, but since this will be my last, I'm going to skip it. 

I hope you enjoyed this month's unboxing! 

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What were your favorite items from this box? What brands or types of items would you like to see included in future boxes? I love to read your comments!

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