Southern Mom Loves: Alltrue Fall 2021 Box UNBOXING + Coupon Code for 20% Off!

Alltrue Fall 2021 Box UNBOXING + Coupon Code for 20% Off!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I received a box from Alltrue in order to facilitate an unboxing. All opinions are my own. This post contains some affiliate links.

Hey! It's time for the Alltrue (formerly Causebox) Fall 2021 Unboxing! Alltrue is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box filled with "delightful goods made fairly and sustainably by brands doing their part to better the world." It contains beauty, fashion, home goods, and other products that can help you live a more eco-conscious life. I've also got a discount code that will get you 20% off!!! Let's unbox it!

Alltrue is a quarterly (4 times per year) membership and the box ships for free. Every box features an ecofriendly selection of items that range from beauty and fashion to home and beyond. All items included are ethically made. 

There are 2 memberships: quarterly and annual. Quarterly members will pay for one box each season at $54.95 (the first Intro box is $25) while annual members who pay a year in advance end up paying $49.95 per box (and get their first Intro box for free).

Annual Members also get access to Box Customization, which means that they have access to choose their products in every choice category every season. Quarterly memberships have the opportunity to choose in up to three choice categories every season.

Both Quarterly and Annual Members get access to the seasonal Add-On Market, which is open for around a week at the start of every season and products are up to 70% off. 

In addition, there is the members-only Essentials Shop. The Essentials Shop is an always-open market featuring hundreds of replenishable household essentials, from clean dish soap to sustainable toothpaste. 

You can check out my previous Alltrue posts here.

The box usually includes their All Good Things magazine on top but I didn't receive one this time. It's an editorial magazine dedicated to living consciously and includes stories, products, and projects from around the world that inform and inspire. 

The box also comes with a seasonal print postcard! They are always prettily designed and can be used to drop a friend a line or can be framed and used for decor. 

First out of the box is the Category #1 choice.

 I received the Molly’s Suds Natural Wool Dryer Balls (Set of 3) ($14)

"These wool dryer balls do everything dryer sheets can and then some, keeping fabrics soft, unwrinkled, and static-free — naturally. Plus, they reduce dry time (aka lower energy costs and consumption) by up to 30% (!). Simply toss your laundry in the dryer, add all 3 dryer balls, remove your softened laundry, and leave the dyer balls behind for the next load.

Note: These dryer balls are *not* vegan."

I have a set of these wool dryer balls and I love them. You can drop your favorite essential oils on them before tossing them in the dryer and your clothes will come out static-free and smelling lovely.

Next out of the box is the Category #2 choice. 

"This versatile carry-all is roomy enough to tote of your essentials (including a 13 inch laptop!), with outer pockets for easy access, inner pockets and divides to keep things organized, and a removable strap so you can wear it as both a crossbody *and* a classic tote."

This tote is so nice! I'm loving the color and the number of pockets to help with organization. It's much roomier inside than I thought it would be and very well made.

Next out of the box is the Category #3 choice. 

I received the MINTBIOLOGY Seaweed Collagen Gold Eye Masks ($35).

"These luxe eye treatments are made with pure nano-active 24K gold particles that work together with skin-loving nutrients like seaweed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C to hydrate, brighten, tighten, protect, and soothe to reverse the signs of aging and fatigue around the eyes."

This set is huuuuuge! The box comes with 15 pairs of eye masks so these will last you a while!

Next out of the box is the Category #4 choice. 

I received the Aloette Winkable Lift & Lengthen Vegan Mascara ($26).

"We took one of Aloette's most-loved mascaras and tweaked it juuuust a little for Alltrue, making the formula fully vegan. A blend of nourishing Argan Oil, rice, and orange peel waxes works like your classic conditioner — but for your eyelashes, moisturizing and strengthening each lash without any clumping."

I've tried Aloette skincare and cosmetics before so I'm sure the formula is a winner and perfect if you need it to be Vegan. Fluffy mascara brushes are my favorites!

Next out of the box is the Category #5 choice. 

I received the Serene House USA Ion Fan Diffuser & Inspire Essential Oil ($30).

"This little diffuser is compact, battery operated, and entirely water free — perfect for scenting small spaces! Keep it in your laundry room, bathroom, car, or take it with you for a sense of familiarity as you make your way back out into the world of hotels, airbnb's, and childhood bedrooms.

Inside, you'll find all 8 paper pads. Each one is good for 10-15 uses, depending on how much oil you use."

This is a super neat little diffuser. My current diffuser uses water and I have to clean it out when it gets moldy so I love that this one is water-free. I actually only received 7 paper pads? Not a big deal, though. They're just thick, solid cardboard discs so if I come across that material I can just cut some circles.

The Uplifting oil that comes with it is a lovely lemony citrus scent with a hint of orange and lime.

Next out of the box is the Category #6 item. Everyone will receive the same item.

We will all get the HUNA Vegan Nourish Skin Nutrition Balm ($80).

"This award-winning body balm from Huna offers year-round moisture and protection from the elements. Made with nourishing, healing, and natural ingredients like calendula, organic mango butter, pomegranate, avocado, carrot, broccoli, and chia seed oil, it works to soothe dry, damaged, dehydrated skin and protect healthy skin (looking at you, cracked, cold-weather lips!). This version of the Nourish Skin Balm is also fully vegan, customized for the Alltrue community to swap out beeswax for candelilla wax."

With winter coming my skin could always use some nutrition and protection from the wind and cold. 

So, that was the Alltrue Fall 2021 Box and I'm very happy with what I received. It came with 6 items (plus the bonus postcard) and they were all useful and/or cool.

The price of the box is far less than the value of the items you receive, which is something you should look for in a subscription box. My box was worth $315!!! 

The Fall box is almost sold out! Get 20% off your first box by clicking here and using the code ALMOSTGONE!

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What do you think of Alltrue? What were your favorite items? I love to read your comments!

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