Southern Mom Loves: Cute, Eco-Friendly Lunches Made Easy With Planetbox {Review}

Cute, Eco-Friendly Lunches Made Easy With Planetbox {Review}

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I received a free Rover Complete from Planetbox in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I have been looking for eco-friendly lunch options for years. We pack our lunches for school every day, and I hated how many baggies and plastic utensils that were being thrown out; I couldn't conscience being a part of the disposable generation. So, I bought reusable utensils just for school lunches (the kids bringing lunches aren't allowed to use the school silverware), I bought plastic containers in all sizes, and switched out paper bags for reusable lunchboxes. Problem solved, right? Kind of. Depending on what my kids were having, I couldn't always fit the containers together in the box, and after a while they got stained and smelly and wouldn't come clean anymore. Sigh. It was just a pain that left me wondering about alternative solutions.

I had seen a few types of all-in-one metal lunchboxes and was curious. I quickly saw the pros and cons of using each of them in our household, but was still undecided. So when I was given the opportunity to try out a Rover lunchbox from Planetbox, I jumped right in. Could this be a solution for us?

From the website:
Looking for an eco and easy way to pack healthy meals?
PlanetBox is the smart lunchbox that guides you in packing a well-balanced meal quickly and easily. Part bento box, part TV dinner tray, our segmented containers are the best way to pack delicious, no waste meals for school, work, or on the go. Not your old fashioned metal lunch box, PlanetBox is truly lunch transportation for the green generation.

I like that Planetboxes are made of Stainless Steel; It's safe, non-toxic, non-leaching, recyclable, and doesn't stain and take on food odors like plastic. They're also portion-controlled, so you can't pack too much, and you can see at a glance if you've packed too little.

I was sent a Rover in an 'Ever Green' carry bag with the Retro Kitty magnet set. Cute! The first thing I noticed is that the carry bag is well-made from a strong fabric; This won't be getting torn up any time soon. 

It has an outer pocket to hold a thermos or water bottle and a pouch to hold a mid-morning or afternoon snack. It seems like having the drink pocket on the outside might not be such a good idea, but the lid holds an ice pack (not included), so it will keep your drink cool too. It also came with an optional shoulder strap in addition to the carry handle on top; Useful if you've got a lot of things to tote.

The inside lid of the carry bag has a few surprises. There is the aforementioned pouch for an ice pack; It won't be sliding around or get unpacked with the lunch and left in the lunchroom.

There are also elastic bands underneath to hold utensils!

The actual planetbox fits snugly inside, and I must say, is gorgeous just as it is.

oooh shiny!
The latch is easy enough for a small child to figure out, but is strong and secure enough to hold it closed without budging. It comes with the Big and Little Dippers for wet or messy foods, and I love the details:

There are even little out-dents to keep the Dippers from sliding around! 

I applied our magnet set and it was ready to pack!

I tried a few lunch options based on what I had available and it worked out really well. The dippers can be removed if not using, and I packed this "grown-up" lunch with a salad, cheese stick, carrot sticks, grapes, and a sesame dressing/dip in the Little Dipper. It even has a small compartment for a little treat. I think it would also be amazing for packing a Sushi lunch. These would be great options for my teenager.

I then packed a "littles" lunchbox with some of my daughter's favorites. She is the biggest lover of leftovers I have ever seen, which is great when it comes to using things up. I used the Big Dipper to hold her mandarin oranges, and packed the other compartments with a great balanced meal made up of homemade chicken nuggets, honey mustard dip, carrot sticks, goldfish crackers, and a treat. It turned out very orange, but it would be a fun idea to pack boxes based on colors!

If you need meal ideas, Planetbox has you covered. They devoted an entire section of their website to great meal ideas, and you can even share your own!

They offer 3 Planetbox sizes based on your appetite.

The Rover holds 4.5 cups of food, while the larger Launch holds 6.5 cups. The smallest size, the Shuttle is perfect for small children, and holds about 3 cups of food. They each have different, cute bag options:

And more magnet design options than I can show you here. There is truly a design for every personality.

We're loving our Planetbox, and if you're looking for a cute, eco-friendly lunch option, I think you will too.

Planetboxes are available through the Planetbox website, or through Amazon

Happy Eco-Lunching!

Do you own a Planetbox? What are you favorite lunches to pack?

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