Southern Mom Loves: 5 Packing Tips for Families

5 Packing Tips for Families

Friday, October 17, 2014

My family loves to travel, and as the primary planner, it's usually my job to prepare everyone for our trip. It's about the time to start traveling, so I've compiled some of my best packing tips for you!

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5 Packing Tips for Families

  1. Prepare. Make a packing checklist for each family member. Once they're all packed, put it in their suitcase. That way you can use it as a checklist to pack up for your trip home. You will never again leave your ipod in your hotel room again.
  2. Pack flat. When packing clothing, fold it exactly on the seams. I fold on a large surface, like a bed. That will help you to lay the garment flat, tug out any wrinkles, fold it, and stack it. If you're careful when packing, you won't have to worry about wrinkles once you arrive.
  3. Stack pack. Once you're all folded, you can group your garment stack by outfit, or by weight, putting delicate items towards the top. Put large, or heavy objects like shoes towards the wheels of your suitcase, so that when it's upright, it won't wrinkle your lighter clothing towards the top.
  4. Compartmentalize. If you're going on a roadtrip, have a designated bag for your family's entertainment items like iPods, laptops, handheld gaming systems, books, crayons, etc.. That way you can pack one bag inside the car (instead of four) and you won't have to stop to dig through the bags in your trunk to keep everyone occupied.
  5. Isolate. Pack a large drawstring fabric or plastic bag for each family member. You can use these to pack an extra pair of shoes for your trip to keep them separate from your clean clothing. Then you can add your dirty laundry to the bag for the trip home. You can find these bags sold as travel shoe bags or laundry bags, or you can re-purpose reusable fabric shopping bags.

What are some of your favorite packing tips? I love to read your comments!

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