Southern Mom Loves: 10 Easy (and Free) Ways to Spruce up Your Yard

10 Easy (and Free) Ways to Spruce up Your Yard

Monday, February 29, 2016

The weather is finally turning here in Tennessee. When it starts getting warmer, I just can't wait to get outside in the yard! If you're anything like me, you want to improve the look of your yard for spring, but don’t want to invest a lot of money. Good news! There are lots of quick and easy ways to freshen up your outdoor spaces and I've got 10 easy ways for you to spruce up your yard for free!

#1 Rake - Even a simple task like raking up the leaves and grass clippings can have a huge impact on the look of your yard. It gives a clean and tidy look to your space. You can burn the leaves, toss in the compost, or bag them up. Just get them out of there!

#2 Mulch - But I thought this was going to be a post about how to spruce up my yard for FREE? Have you ever seen the large tree trimming trucks on the side of the road cutting and then mulching tree limbs? Many companies, if you stop and ask them, will bring a load right your house free of charge. A wheelbarrow and some labor on your part can have your flower beds looking amazing!

#3 Declutter - Toss out old toys, garden tools, broken planters, etc.. The more you have sitting around your yard in disrepair the junkier your yard will look. If items are repairable place them in the shed or garage until you can get to them.

#4 Trade plant cuttings - Are you flowers and greenery looking sparse? Offer to trade plant clippings with a friend so you can introduce some variety to your yard without spending a dime. Some easy plants to grow from cuttings are Butterfly Bush, Salvia, Hydrangea, Honeysuckle, Rosemary, Wisteria, and Azaleas.

#5 Paint - Most of us have paint on a shelf in the garage right? Add a fresh coat of paint to playhouses, window boxes, fences, or old pots. A fresh pop of color will brighten your yard right up.

#6 Trim bushes - Giving your shrubs and bushes regular manicures is one of the quickest ways to tidy up the yard. Whether you have an electric trimmer or old school clippers, giving them a trim will help freshen your yard.

#7 Wash the house - You can use a pressure washer or a simple pump sprayer with bleach to wash. Cleaning off the sides of your house will pack a major punch in making your yard look tidier. Don’t forget screens and shutters as well.

#8 Add Christmas lights - Who says you can only use them at Christmas? Of course, this makes the biggest impact at night; It is a great free decoration for night time parties. Wrap fairy lights around trees, swag them on a fence or drape them on the top of your pergola to create a fun light source for parties. If you have rope lights you can use them to line a garden or pathway.

#9 Repurpose - So many things can be used as planters, water features, or other types of decor. Look around and see what you have that is no longer used and give it a brand new life. Washtubs, tires, and leftover pavers can become free planters. I love hollowing out a small log to plant succulents.

#10 Go natural - The last time my husband cut down the large limbs of a tree I had him cut some to 2’ and 4’ Lengths. I use these as landscaping barriers all along the fence and in front of the house. Not only did it save money buying new landscape timbers but the wood did not go to waste and it has a pretty natural look. If you live in the Deep South, you can also use the Spanish moss hanging in the trees to help retain moisture in your hanging baskets.

I hope these ideas help fuel your creativity and get you out sprucing up your yard!


What tip will you try first? What's your favorite outside activity? How do you spruce up your yard? I love to read your comments!

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