Southern Mom Loves: Thanksgiving Lunchbox Note Jokes {Free Printable}

Thanksgiving Lunchbox Note Jokes {Free Printable}

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Today I've got a fun (and free!) printable for you: Thanksgiving Lunchbox Note Jokes! Kids love silly jokes and there are 8 in this series you can put in your child's lunchbox to brighten their day and give them a giggle.

Start by printing out the sheet of jokes. Get the printable pdf here (the quality will be better than printing the image below), and print it at "Fit to Page."

The joke is printed large and the solution is printed small and upside-down, so there's no seeing the answer until they're ready!

All you need to do is cut them out along the lines and they're lunchbox ready.

For instructions on how to fold the silverware serviette, check out this post.


Do your kids take their lunch? Do you think they would like to find a joke inside? I love to read your comments!

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