Southern Mom Loves: Chinese New Year: Lucky Money Red Envelope Craft {Free Printable}

Chinese New Year: Lucky Money Red Envelope Craft {Free Printable}

Thursday, January 26, 2017

With the Chinese New Year coming up on the 28th, I thought it would be fun to celebrate it with my family to help teach my kids about different cultures and their celebrations. Part of the New Year, or Spring Festival, traditions is the giving of money in lucky red envelopes. It is said to bring good fortune for the new year. You can buy these envelopes, but I designed a pretty one that you can print out at home and assemble yourself.

If you want to learn more about Chinese New Year, check out the post I wrote below.
It goes into a little more detail about the red envelope tradition.

The envelopes I designed say "Happy New Year on the front and are easy as pie to make.

Start by printing out as many envelopes as you need. Get the printable pdf here (the quality will be better than printing the image above), and print it at "Do not scale" or "100%."

Cut the envelope out along the black lines.

Fold the short flap around to the back.

Apply double-sided tape or a glue stick along the edge.

Fold the long flap over the adhesive of the short flap and press firmly.

Fold the bottom flap up over the side flaps and tape or glue.

You'll end up with an open-ended long envelope.

All that's left is to insert some lucky paper money or coins for your recipient.

...and fold the top flap over. You can tuck it in or tape it to secure.

Voila! You have a gorgeous lucky red envelope filled with cash to help you celebrate!

I hope you have fun making this craft and celebrating the fun traditions of Chinese New Year!


Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Who will you be gifting lucky red envelopes to this year? I love to read your comments!

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