Southern Mom Loves: Organize an After School Snack Drawer in the Fridge!

Organize an After School Snack Drawer in the Fridge!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Back to school time means back to getting organized. Besides planning our regular meals, I also like to make sure we have lots of after school snacks on hand for the kids and any of their friends that make their way to our home. I always keep a snack bin in the cabinet full of granola bars and trail mix, but the cold snacks were scattered all through the fridge. Instead of having them dig through the fridge, I decided that snack time would be much easier if we had a drawer just for snacks and I'll show you how I did it.

If your fridge is like ours, it has two large produce bins, but the majority of the produce we buy every week, like potatoes, tomatoes, and onions, shouldn't be refrigerated. The rest fits well in just one drawer, so converting one of the drawers for a snack bin just made sense.

It's a great way to designate what is for snacking and what isn't (like my ingredients for that night's dinner.)

It couldn't be easier or cheaper to do. You'll need to pick up some drawer organizers in different sizes and find what combinations fit well into your drawer. I got these organizer multipacks at the dollar store!

You'll need to prep foods into single servings. That's easy to do with snack-sized zipper bags. Plus, buying larger packages to divide up will save you lots of money over time.

Once you have everything ready, simply fill the organizers with your snacks and drinks... them into your fridge drawer and you're done. :)

Snacks you could include:
  • drink boxes or pouches
  • yogurts
  • string cheese
  • cheese cubes/wedges
  • baby carrots
  • celery sticks
  • broccoli florets
  • bell pepper sticks
  • cucumber rounds
  • fruit cups
  • applesauce cups
  • apples
  • oranges or mandarins
  • pears
  • plums
  • berries

Dips (in individual servings):
  • hummus
  • tzatziki
  • ranch
  • peanut butter
  • nutella
  • sweetened/flavored cream cheese

My daughter is a big fan of yogurts and she has to have Yoplait. 

I'm loving their new multipack design (I found it at Walmart in the yogurt section.) There's a new tear-off panel on the top that lets you see just how much is yogurt you have left and in what flavors. No more digging through to find the one you want!

It's so much easier to store lots of them in the fridge with the flat, stackable box. This was the easiest part of my drawer. Just peel back the front and pop them in.

They come in combinations of the most popular flavors so you always have everyone's favorites. You can get them in 8-packs of Strawberry, Strawberry/Mixed Berry, Strawberry/Harvest Peach, Strawberry/Strawberry Banana, and Strawberry/Orange.

The new multipacks are perfect for after school snacks and kids' lunches.

You could even turn your fridge drawer into a lunch drawer to help the kids learn how to pack their own lunches! #MomOn

As always, I hope this idea helps to make your weekdays a little bit easier. :)


What are your kids' favorite after school snacks? I love to read your comments!

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