Southern Mom Loves: 5 Ways to Streamline Your Mornings with Kids {+ a Morning Routine Printable!}

5 Ways to Streamline Your Mornings with Kids {+ a Morning Routine Printable!}

Friday, September 8, 2017

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Getting the kids out of the door on time and with everything that they need can be a struggle sometimes. Kids tend to lose focus during their morning routine, shoes get lost, lunches forgotten, and somewhere in there should be a warm and filling breakfast. Moms and dads have a lot to deal with, so I came up with a list of 5 ways to streamline your morning, for both parents and kids, to get organized (including a printable 'My Morning Routine' worksheet) so that we can all fit in a hearty, warm breakfast.

5 Ways to Streamline Your Mornings with Kids

1. Prepare Outfits the Night Before

You usually have two types of children: the ones that spend forever picking out an outfit and those that quickly pick out an outfit that seems more appropriate for clown school. Stop the hassle by getting outfits ready the night before. Lay them out on a chair or hang all of the elements together on one hanger to make sure that there's no fuss.

You can also get a week's worth of outfits together on the weekend and save even more weeknight time. Get a hanging fabric-type shoe organizer with at least 5 cubbies and you can pop in an outfit-per-day that even includes undies and socks.

2. Create a Backpack Station 

A backpack station can be a parent's best friend- especially if you have younger kids. All you need are some coat hooks and a bench with cubbies. This will keep you from having to hunt down jackets, cardigans, and shoes in the mornings- not to mention homework.

When your kids come home, they can hang their coat on a hook and put their shoes in a cubby. When they're done with their homework, they can put everything back in their backpack (along with anything else they'll need the next day) and place it on the bench or hang it on a hook. The hardest part will be setting up the routine, but once it's in place, your (school parent) life will be so much easier!

3. Eat a Fast, Filling Breakfast

When fall rolls around, everyone wants a warm breakfast But who has the time (or energy) to get up that early to prepare it? Hint: It's not me.

Meet Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls. You can have a convenient breakfast with amazing ingredients. 

I stocked up for our cool-weather breakfasts with the Loaded Potato and the Ranchero Steak and Eggs (yum.) When you don't have time to make it from scratch, simply pull it out of the freezer. ;)

They’re also great for those school nights when you don't get home until 8:30 pm: when bedtime is in 30 minutes, the kids need baths, and everyone needs dinner. *smh* Where did the time go?

These 9 oz. bowls are simply so filling, and chock-full of real ingredients like seasoned red potatoes, eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, and chives for a delicious all-in-one breakfast dish.

Depending on the bowl, there are 21 to 23 grams of protein in them to help keep everyone satisfied until lunchtime. They can also make a filling lunch or snack option, especially for those teen boys that you can never quite fill up.

You can now get them at Target in the frozen aisle. Yay! Any reason to go to Target, amirite? Well, here's one more: you can save 20% on Jimmy Dean 9oz Bowls with Cartwheel!

4. Use a Morning Chart to Keep Kids on Track

When your children have a routine, it's easier for them to get ready each morning. You can use the printable I've made below to create a morning chart to help keep your kids on track. It's personalizable with cut-and-paste tasks. Everything goes much more smoothly when kids can look at the chart to know what to do and in what order.

Just print out this 2-page pdf, cut out the slips from the 2nd sheet that correspond to your own morning routine, then paste them in order of your routine on the 1st sheet. You can use the extra slips to make your own tasks for chores, morning prayers, or whatever else fits into your own family's routine.

You can leave it like that for a looser routine or add times down the left side that tell them the absolute latest that the task should be done. For example, 6:00 Wake Up, 6:15 Get Dressed, 6:20 Brush Teeth, etc.. It will prompt your kids to remember their morning tasks and help them to stay on track.

5. Keep a Separate School Calendar

Last, but not least, keep a separate calendar for school, whether written or on your phone or computer. Write down ice cream days, spirit days, picture days, school holidays, show-and-tell days, etc. in this calendar and check it nightly. This will ensure your kids have everything they need – money, permission slips, or just the right outfits for special days.

Your mornings don't have to be insanely hectic; With a few simple tricks, you can ensure that your kids make it to school on time with everything they need and a warm, filling meal in their bellies. :)


What are your biggest stumbling blocks on weekday mornings? I love to read your comments!

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