Southern Mom Loves: Weekly Wrap-Up #6

Weekly Wrap-Up #6

Sunday, April 8, 2018

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Hey, guys! It's been a couple of weeks since my last wrap-up. Last Sunday was Easter, so I just had way too much going on that week to do a wrap-up, so I thought I would do 2 weeks in one. :)

Easter week was pretty crazy. I actually forgot about everything until that week and then it was a flurry of meal planning, food shopping, and picking up stuff for baskets.

Emma's basket was mostly full of little toys. She enjoys playing with those so much more. I actually went a little overboard with them because I like to put some cash in an egg in my son's basket (his favorite), so I spent the same amount in little dollar store toys for hers.

I got everything at Dollar Tree and they had some adorable fairy garden statuettes and windchimes, so it wasn't all toys, but rather things that will help her create a little fairy garden and spend some time with her dad in the garden this spring.

Speaking of, he's still waiting to start his garden because the temperatures keep dropping so low and it's really getting on both of our nerves. Southerners like to joke about the weather fluctuations in spring, but we've never had such crazy weather as this.

If any of you saw my Instagram story, you'll know that Easter dinner was delish. :) I roasted a couple of chickens, then roasted carrots, red potatoes, onions, and brussels sprouts, made deviled eggs, rolls, spinach dip, and a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I didn't want to move for a while after that.

Something else I was a bit preoccupied with in the week leading to Easter was another procedure on my neck. I'm not supposed to do anything for 24 hours afterward but that wasn't happening. Sadly it seems like it didn't do a thing and that was my last hope before surgery. Pfft.

The next step is in diagnosing my lower back, so they finally scheduled an MRI for it. The hoops you have to jump through for insurance to cover an MRI are unreal. Your doctor can't just order one to see what's happening in an area, you have to try several other pain relief methods and have physical therapy first. Not even kidding.

So, the journey to finding out what is happening with my body has taken about a year so far because we've had some insurance interruptions and changes. Finding out what's happening won't tell me why it's happening and so far it hasn't helped relieve my neck pain but my fingers are crossed for my back. If I could live with just one area in pain, that would be nice.

This week has been a bit of a recovery from Easter week. The kids were on Spring Break the entire week before Easter, so they went back on Tuesday of this week. Phew. I am not ready for Summer Break.

I took a few days for myself to recharge and then continued working on this After the Bath Bomb - Bathtub Clean-Up Spray post. Such a lifesaver if you love your bath bombs.

I received my Spin Pin order. They've been around for a few years, but I'm finally trying them and I'm in love. I'd occasionally remember to look for them in stores, but I've never seen them around here so I went ahead and ordered them from Amazon.

If you haven't heard of them, they're bobby pins, but in the shape of a spiral. One does the work of several bobby pins and they don't leave a crease in your hair. (Click on my bio photo on my IG profile to see the 2 video stories I just did.)

The reason I bought them is this: I'm trying to take better care of my hair and prevent breakage, so no more putting my hair up in a bun with bobby pins or an elastic at night. I have a lot of hair and it can be a bit annoying sleeping with it down, so I wanted something that would loosely hold my hair up and not crease it while I slept. These are perfect! I absolutely recommend.

Also, if you're in the same boat with breakage and frizz while you sleep, get yourself some silk pillowcases. These have upped my hair game 1,000%.

The school year is winding down and my daughter is reviewing for TCAP testing. Ugh. I remember those days and I do not envy them the boredom of having to review for weeks all of the things you already learned that year. She's super-excited about her new school next year.

My son is chugging along towards college. I'm so excited for him to begin his adult life, but still trying to come to terms with the fact that I'll only have one child at home.

If you're a parent, you know that feeling when everything is quiet and you feel the need to check on the kids to make sure everything is okay? I still do that sometimes when they're at friends' houses because you forget, you know? I'm anticipating that forgetting/realizing and I'm not sure how I feel about that. A little sad and a little happy. It's bittersweet, but this is what it was all for. I can't wait to see the life that he'll build for himself.

What about you? How was your Easter, and more importantly, what did you eat? ;)

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