Southern Mom Loves: FabFitFun Fall 2018 Unboxing + Get a Box for $39.99!

FabFitFun Fall 2018 Unboxing + Get a Box for $39.99!

Monday, October 8, 2018

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. #FabFitfunAffiliate

My FabFitFun Fall box got here and it's so awesome! I'm unboxing it here with you as I opened it and I'll give you my thoughts on everything that was inside. Spoilers: it was pretty amazing and I felt like I hit the jackpot with this box. I loved everything in it and I got it for under $40 using the discount code! I've got a code for you guys in the post below so you can get a box for yourself at a great discount. Check it out!

For those of you who didn't see my Fall box spoilers post and aren't sure what FabFitFun is, it is a subscription box service that sends out a box full of finds in beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness once per season. So they send a box out for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. If you miss out on the seasonal box, they also do an Editor's Box between each season but it's not part of the seasonal subscription.

The cost is pretty reasonable, especially once you see what's inside.

Seasonal customers get 3 choices and annual subscribers get 5 choices, but I ordered too late in the season to be able to customize my box, so I wasn't sure what I would end up with. I saw the choices and would have had a hard time choosing anyway, so I knew I would be okay with whatever they sent me. (If you want to see what I didn't get, check out the spoilers post here.) So, let's see what I did get.

When you open the box, there's a FabFitFun magazine inside with articles and tips and tricks on makeup, self-care, etc.. It also gives you tips pertaining to the items in the boxes.

I saw this Share To Win sticker and had no idea this was a thing. If you follow the instructions to enter on the back of the magazine and share your box photos with certain tags and mentions on social media, you can win an amazing trip for two to Marigot Bay Resort in St. Lucia! They do a contest like this for each season; Very cool.

The box is huge and it was jam-packed with items! I don't think they could've fit another thing in it.

First out was a Luna Rica Bar in Salted Caramel Nut. It's a Gluten-free, non-GMO, Organic Cashew butter-filled fruit & nut bar. That sounds amazing. I popped this one into my purse for those days that I'm stuck driving and need an on-the-go snack.

Next out was 2 GlamGlow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Masks. I tried one and it fizzed up like crazy, giving you a lot of foam to wash your face with after the mask. I'm a fan of oxygenating masks, but this was the first sheet mask I had tried. It felt pretty luxe and I'm a total fan now!

I also pulled out a BeautyBlender in Black. I was already a fan and use one for applying my foundation and getting that perfect finish, but I needed to replace my old one pretty badly. My cat is also a big fan and when I clean mine and leave it out to dry, I have to hide it from her. I also have to make sure she doesn't see where I put it because she's too clever and will find a way to get it.

There was a good-sized bottle of Skin&Co Roma Blue In Capri Shower Gel. It smells amazing and is scented with wild sage, lemon, and alpine rose. It's not a strong floral, more like a lemony herbal scent and I like it. I also like that it can be used for bubble baths, too.

Next was the Cuccio Somatology Yogahhh! Detox Bath. It's a sea salt bath soak that smells very strongly like eucalyptus but is apparently Greek Mastiha, which takes 5 years to extract from the Mastic Evergreen tree.

The salt is a Mediterranean Sea Salt and it also includes Goji Berry extract. It helps to relax muscles after Yoga or a workout. What I also love about this is the packaging; It has a pour spout so you don't have to reach in and scoop it when your hands might be wet.

Next out was the Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom. It's fairly thick and luscious for a day cream and feels very hydrating and refreshing. The scent is a floral, but not a typical one. It smells very natural and is just lovely.

On top of that, it is free from a lot of harmful chemicals that can soak into your skin via your skincare routine.

Next up was one of the choice items. I knew I would receive either a pair of wireless earbuds or a cute umbrella and each of those had a color choice as well. I received the Catherine Melandrino Umbrella in Black/White Floral.

I actually needed a new compact umbrella to keep in the car as my last one got a shattered handle from a monstrously heavy bookbag. With all of the rain here over the last few weeks, I was glad to get this and the print is perfect to go with my Fall wardrobe.

I did pop this sucker open and it is much bigger than I thought it would be for such a compact folding size and the quality of the moving parts and the handle is really nice. I have a feeling this umbrella will last me a long, long time.

Everyone got a set of these Tea Towels from Simply Whimsical. The color is perfect for our kitchen and I bet would coordinate well in most kitchens. I love the modern print and the fabric is really nice. I know they will come in handy!

The next item was a choice item as well; You could choose a teapot or a french press. I couldn't choose because they were both cute and I love both coffee and tea. I received the Alfred Teapot and it is gorgeous!

What I like most about it is that it's so functional. It has an infuser basket that can be used for loose-leaf teas or removed to use tea bags. You could also use it to infuse your teas with flavor from real fruit or herbs. I usually make tea by the cup but I'm looking forward to being able to make myself a little pot of tea that I can sit at my desk for refills whenever I like.

The last item was a choice item as well. You could choose a Vince Camuto tote bag or a makeup brush set and both had a color choice. I received the 6-piece Crown Brush Set in Black + Rose Gold and I love it! Some of my older brushes have been wearing out and needed to be replaced, so I'm glad I received this one and I love the colors!

They come in a travel case and are (from left to right) a powder brush, blush brush, shadow brush, blending brush, concealer brush, and eyeliner/brow brush. This set is perfect for taking on a trip (along with the BeautyBlender) because you can do a whole face of makeup with them.

I especially love the ergonomic handles. It makes holding and using makeup brushes so much easier and just screams quality. This is a really nice set of brushes and they're worth much more than I paid for this entire box.

That is a whole lotta stuff for $40. I mean, picture treating yourself somewhere like Target and piling all of this in your basket, then checking out. Would you be spending more than $40? Probably triple that.

I feel like I got a much better deal in this transaction than they did, which I guess is what keeps people coming back for this box again and again. What makes it even better is that there wasn't one thing in the whole box that I wasn't happy to get. I feel like I got a major score.

I'm an affiliate now so I get to give you guys discount codes! If you'd like to score a FabFitFun box of your own for $39.99, click on my link-->HERE<--and use the code FALLINLOVE when you check out!


What do you think of the box? What was your favorite item? I love to read your comments!

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