Southern Mom Loves: BoxyCharm September 2020 Unboxing + Coupons + October Spoilers!

BoxyCharm September 2020 Unboxing + Coupons + October Spoilers!

Monday, September 21, 2020

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Hey, guys! I'm here with an unboxing of BoxyCharm for September 2020, so let's see what I got! I'll tell you a little about BoxyCharm, all of the products that could be in your September box, what I got in mine, plus I've got SPOILERS for the October box and coupon codes so you can grab some free stuff, too!

About BoxyCharm

If you haven't heard of BoxyCharm, they send out 5 full-size beauty items ranging from makeup and skincare to beauty tools and color cosmetics, and each box has a minimum value of $125. Sometimes the value is much, much more.

It costs $25 a month and has free shipping in the contiguous US. You can also subscribe for 3 months, 6 months, or a year and get a bigger discount for a longer subscription, so you could pay for a year upfront ($275) and end up getting it for $22.92 per box. You can see all of my previous BoxyCharm unboxings here.

So first, let's take a look at every product that could be in the September boxes. I wanted to show you this so that you can see what everyone could possibly get. Some are repeats from past boxes but you'll never receive the same product twice.

You take some pretty in-depth quizzes when you start and that should influence what comes in your boxes. FYI, if you're a member they've changed the quizzes a bit so make sure to go in and re-take them!!!

My first 2 months (January & February) were amazing but since then they've been a little off. I don't know if the box packing is being affected by the pandemic, so I'm giving them a break.

There are a lot of really great products this month! Now, let's see what I got in my box!

BoxyCharm September 2020 Unboxing

The box includes a card on top listing the items in your box and their values, and the September box theme is Glam Vibes Only.

First out is the Choice item. I chose the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliation Treatment ($85).

"Our clinic-inspired exfoliating scrub reveals smoother texture and pores in two minutes while prepping skin to better absorb the rest of your regimen, making every product and ingredient that follows more effective."

I absolutely love Kate Somerville products but they're pretty pricey, so when I get the chance to add a loved product to my stash for less, I take it.

If you've never used ExfoliKate, it's a little scrubby and a lot tingly. You're getting both a physical and chemical exfoliation and I like to use it a couple of times a week, right before I hop in the shower. Afterward, my skin is so crazy soft. I love this exfoliator but it's $85, so I'm so happy I got one in my BoxyCharm.

Next out is a Billion Dollar Beauty Charcoal Beauty Sponge ($15).

"This charcoal-infused beauty sponge provides the perfect application for any liquid foundation, concealer, and highlighter. The density is perfect for dispensing a controlled amount of product onto the skin. This applicator applies smoothly for a filtered look without the filter!"

Hmmm. I get that this might be a really good makeup sponge (and is $5 less than a Beauty Blender) but why is it charcoal-infused? It's not skincare and not a skincare tool. Meh, I guess I'll add it to the makeup sponge stash but I don't really get the gimmick.

Next out is the Hank & Henry Lip Love Luxe Satin Matte Lipstick in L.O.V.E. ($18).

"Contained in a Ruby Red button activated component this formula is Vegan, Cruelty-Free, has a beautiful pecan satin finish, and is topped with a pearl coating that dissolves as you apply. This lip is 1 of 7 new #LipLove luxe lipsticks (6 satin formulas and 1 cream formula)"

I know the color Sext was in a previous box. This mauve color is gorgeous and the treatment of the lipstick bullet is stunning! It reminds me of the caviar lip trend going around a few years ago. It's almost too pretty to use!

The packaging is very cool, too; You have to push a button on the top and the lipstick tube pops out of the bottom. This goes very well with the Glam box theme.

Next out is the Laura Geller LashBOSS BOLD Mascara in Black ($24).

"Go the extra mile and give your lashes an enhanced lengthening and curling effect in just a few strokes. LashBOSS Stretch Lengthening Mascara offers an incredible soft, smooth, flexible formula with an exceptional silky feel. The curved hollow fiber brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle. Formulated with Widelash and plant based waxes to help re-densify lashes, prevent fall out and keep lashes soft and conditioned. "

This mascara ticks all of my boxes: volumizing, curling, conditioning, and doesn't harden. It sounds like a good one and I love the look of the soft, fluffy brush!

Last out is the Hipdot Zion Eyeshadow Palette ($30).

"Conjuring the majestic beauty of the natural, sweeping Utah canyons, take your look to the next level with dramatic reds, deep oranges and the rich purples of ZION. Cruelty Free, Vegan, Talc Free, Paraben Free, Pthalate Free & Mineral Oil Free"

I wasn't that taken with any of the eyeshadow palettes when I saw the spoilers, but after seeing this one in person, I am hooked.

It absolutely reminds me of a desert sunset with the reds, oranges, and purples (and funnily enough, I was working on some decor printables when I got this. Look for those coming soon if you miss traveling 😢) and I am in love! I will be playing with this one for sure.

So, this box was pretty darn good. I'm really going to enjoy my ExfoliKate and that eyeshadow palette. The mascara and sponge are essentials that will be good to have in the stash. The lipstick was a miss for me only because I'm so OCD I can't physically mess up anything that pretty. 😂

The value of the BoxyCharm box I received was $172!!!

This isn't a sponsored review post so I don't have a customized discount code for you but I do have the most recent BoxyCharm free gift coupon codes!

Free Gift Coupons

The current free gift promotion is the same as last month, but with a different code. It's a $6 credit in the Add-Ons sale. Most of the items are up to 70% off and you can get high-priced items for $6 so it's like a choose your own free gift promotion. You can also use the credit to get a higher priced item at a discount. To get that deal use code ADDMORE6ALL09 at checkout.


So far we know that October's box will include a choice of:

I then did some more digging and saw that we might get:

Beauty Bakerie Makeup Breakfast in Bed Palette ($38)

Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Miracle Mist Setting Spray ($23)

That's pretty exciting! Both are great products. You can sign up for BoxyCharm here.

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What do you think of BoxyCharm? What were your favorite items? I love to read your comments!

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