Southern Mom Loves: Allure Beauty Box January 2021 Unboxing (My Last Box! For real this time...)

Allure Beauty Box January 2021 Unboxing (My Last Box! For real this time...)

Monday, January 25, 2021

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Hi, guys! I'm here with the Allure Beauty Box unboxing for January 2021. I know, right?! My last box was supposed to be December's but then this one shows up so maybe it was a buy 24, get 1 free deal? IDK, but here it is!

This month's box was stuffed with products from Saturday Skin, L'Occitaine, Manime, True + Luscious, The Beauty Crop, and Baseblue. This will *definitely* be my last Allure Beauty box, so I'll walk you through it for the last time (again). Let's unbox it!

If you're new to these unboxings, Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty product subscription box that has a mix of makeup, skincare, haircare, and (sometimes) perfume and nail products. 

Allure's pricing and box contents/value have changed! You now get 6 or more products valued at $100+ (previously 5 or more products valued at $70+) with at least 3 full-size items (previously at least 2). The new cost is $23/month (previously $15) or $250/year (previously $165) and the shipping is free. 

You can see all of my past Allure unboxings here.

Allure Beauty Box - January 2021

When you open it, there's a little magazine right on top telling you all about the products inside and every month there are exclusive discount codes included in the booklet for some of the box products.

First out of the box is a full-size Saturday Skin Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel ($28).

I've heard really good things about Saturday Skin, especially their masks, so I'm excited to be able to try one of their products. I like that they included this in a full-size, too.

"This refining peel gel gently cleanses skin and improves dullness with natural fruit enzymes. Natural cellulose lifts and removes impurities while aloe extract soothes the skin."

Next out is a sample of L'Occitane Immortelle Reset Huile-En-Serum (1 oz. is $59 so this .16 oz. sample is worth approx. $9.83).

I've also never used (according to my faulty memory) a product from L'Occitane. I tried this out last night before I went to bed and while I didn't see any miracles when I woke up, it felt nice and hydrating going on. I'll keep using it to see if there are any wonderous results in my future. 🀞

"Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum helps skin recover overnight from the intensities of everyday life. Over time, skin appears completely reset by morning with less visible fine lines, and a more youthful, noticeably rested look."

Next out is a full-size True + Luscious Super Moisture Lipstick in Vintage Rose ($22).

Hmmm. I'm not a fan of anything but mattes but this color is a lovely neutral that will go with so many skintones. The bullet lipstick lovers will enjoy this moisturizing hyaluronic acid formula, I'm sure. Also, cool packaging!

"A clean, nourishing formula with lasting hydration and vibrantly luscious color payoff in a silky-satin finish. Made with lip-cushioning Hyaluronic Acid and protective organic Konjac Root powder from Japan to help rejuvenate, repair and keep lips supple."

Next out is a full-size The Beauty Crop Blush Duo in Mauve-ulous ($10).

I love The Beauty Crop and I think this is a good product for those who want to experiment with the powder/cream blush question. It's also a good way to be able to apply a little blush whether you're wearing base makeup/face powder or not. I could also see using this for a little lip/eye color in a pinch, too. Their other color duos are equally as pretty.

"A fragrance and mineral oil-free powder and cream blush duo, nourished with kale, aronia berry, pomegranate and papaya to give you a healthy tropical glow. Comes in a travel-friendly compact - perfect for on-the-go touchups. "Mauve-ulous" are a pair of cool mauve-pink cream and powder shades Apply blush to apples of cheek. Wear powder on top of cream blush or wear individually."

Next out is an itty-bitty Baseblue Airsponge Full Coverage (Full-size is $7, so I'll give this mini approx. $3.50 value).

Is it just me or is this thing the cutest? 

I can't find any size specifications, but according to a photo on their website of a model holding one, I'm guessing this is a mini "try me" version, lol. The full-size is around $7.

"Use the total coverage sponge to flawlessly buff and blend out heavy duty makeup formulas like foundations and concealers. The AirSponge Full Coverage is the best beauty sponge to get medium to full coverage out of creams, liquids, and powders. When wet, the makeup sponge’s water-sealed cells push product to the top to block formula buildup inside its body. Complete makeup applications expertly as you layer, blend, and contour to hide dark marks and blemishes. Apply makeup with the bottom end to smooth out large areas without a cakey appearance, and use the pointed tip to maneuver around the eyes, nose, and lips."

Last out is a first: Instructions on how to get your box product mailed to you. πŸ™„ This is a voucher for one set of a limited amount of designs (5) specifically for Allure of Manime Stick On Gels ($15-$25).

They call themselves "the future of manicures". The concept is interesting but I have a bone to pick here. 

The way it works is this: you photograph your nails so that they can match your nail size/shape and they only send you a sheet of designs that fit your nails + 5 extra for mess-ups. For non-solid colors (designs) they charge you $25. For one set of nail stickers. That you will only get 1 use out of. 

The bone is this: Nail Wraps have been around forever. They come in solids, designs, glitters, gels, metallics, jeweled, etc. and you can get a set of 34 extra-long wraps (which will give you at least 2 sets) for about $8. I have even shown a few different types here on my blog. They're great. I love being able to pull off a set of good-looking nails in about 30 minutes.

Maybe I'm just aggravated about their wording, but this is not a "manicure" they're sending you. You will literally be doing the manicure yourself, THEN applying nail wraps. I am incensed at what they are charging for a single set of nail wraps. They are saving money by cutting only the material they need to send out for your nail shape. It's ridiculous. </end rant>

Having said all that, if you want to pay $25 + shipping for a single set of nail wraps, you do you, boo.

"What is it: At-home gel mani kit. Each mani kit contains: 1 mani sheet with 15 stick on gels + 1 nail file + 1 prep pad (no UV needed!). Why we love it: Custom fit to your nails, No dry time, Toxin-free, Cruelty-free"

Sooooooo that was the full January Beauty Box from Allure. The box costs (now) $23 per month and this one had a value of approximately $98.33

Wow. They didn't even hit the promised $100 value mark with this one. I initially cancelled because the price increase wasn't worth 2-3 full-sized products + some samples, especially when you could pay for a similarly-price box and get 5 full-sized products every month and be able to choose at least 1 of your products (Boxy), if not 3 (Ipsy).

I am glad that I chose to cancel my subscription. If vouchers for products are going to be happening, I'm truly done with no regrets.

What do you think about this month's box value vs. the price increase? 

Here is where I usually do the spoilers for the next month, but since this will be my last (for reals this time πŸ˜‚), I'm going to skip it. 

I hope you enjoyed this month's unboxing! Or the rant. Whatever.

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What were your favorite items from this box? What brands or types of items would you like to see included in future boxes? I love to read your comments!

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