Southern Mom Loves: FabFitFun Spring 2023 Unboxing + $12 Off Seasonal or $20 Off Annual Subscriptions!

FabFitFun Spring 2023 Unboxing + $12 Off Seasonal or $20 Off Annual Subscriptions!

Friday, March 24, 2023

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Hey, guys. I just received my FabFitFun Spring 2023 box so it's unboxing time! I'll tell you a little about FabFitFun, show you what I got in this season's box, and I've got a discount so you can get a Seasonal box for $12 off or get $20 off an Annual subscription! Let's unbox it!

To recap, FabFitFun is a seasonal (4 times a year) subscription box filled with the best in beauty, wellness, home, fashion, and fitness and everything is full-sized. You can see all of my FabFitFun posts here.

Seasonal members pay for one box at a time while Annual members pay for a year upfront. The bonuses of Annual membership include customizing your box before Seasonal members, getting to customize all of the box categories (Seasonals customize the first 4 and get random items from the last 2 categories), and being shipped out sooner.

I chose to grab an extra from one of the categories this season but my base box (without the extra) was worth $361.95! Depending on what you chose during box customizations, your box value could be higher or lower than mine.

The box used to include a magazine every season with information about all of the products, interviews, tips, and member's-only discount codes, but FabFitFun is cutting down even further on its paper waste by making it digital-only from this season forward.

We used to get a fun contest on the back cover of the magazine but this season we got a couple of scratch cards for the chance to win an amazing $10,000+ mystery prize package. Spoiler: I didn't win. ๐Ÿ˜†

First out of the box is what I chose for customization category #1. 

I chose the Kate Spade Samantha Sunglasses (similar) ($129 Value). Kate Spade is serving some serious shade this Spring. We’re excited to introduce two new fashion items from a member-favorite brand in Customization 1. This will be our first time offering eyewear from Kate Spade in the box in two different styles! Whether you choose the statement-making Samantha cat eye look or the Emmaline sunglasses with the cool aviator vibe, you’ll be looking and feeling amazing in the spring and summer sun, poolside with your fave beverage in hand.

There wasn't really anything that jumped out at me in this category. I kinda liked multiple items but I ended up choosing these because I don't have any that are similar (and I have a lot of sunglasses!)

The glasses themselves are nice but I'm disappointed that they came in a simple satin drawstring bag. Usually, any nicer sunglasses will come with a nice, protective case and I certainly expected one with $129 Kate Spade sunnies. Oh, well.

Next out is what I chose from customization category #2. 

The Commodity Gold Expressive Fragrance ($70 Value). Yes, you read that right! This full-sized fragrance is the first we’ve ever incorporated in a box, and we’re hitting it out of the park right away with this one! A rich, decadent, and super luxurious blend of amber, vanilla, and musk intertwines perfectly to keep you smelling pretty all day long!

THIS was the IT item in the box for me. As soon as I saw it, I knew I would be choosing it. I received a sample of their Milk fragrance in a subby box and I fell in love. Shopping around, I heard good things about their Gold fragrance and I agree; It is lovely and warm. 

The only downside is that I got a leaky bottle. Hopefully, it was just an issue with it getting jostled around in shipping and not a defect that will slowly drain the bottle (I know that's a possibility because I lost an entire bottle of Jimmy Choo from a slow leak. The pressure in the bottle caused it to slowly leak out above the sealed neck. ๐Ÿ˜ญ)

Next out is an extra I purchased from customization category #2 (for an extra $15)

The NYDJ French Terry Lounge Set ($60 Value). You’ll be all set for prime relaxation with this NYDJ French Terry Lounge Set! The first of its kind in a box, we’re excited to include such an adorable (and useful) ensemble for lounging in style! It’s lightweight and super comfortable, perfect for the sunnier days ahead. Pro-tip: try them out as separates too with your fave pair of jeans or oversized tee!

I usually get the fashion item in the box if there is one and I am looking forward to lounging around in these. Just a warning: there are supposed to be loose-fitting, but they run very large, so if you're between sizes, size down.

Next out is what I chose from customization category #3. 

The Katie Kime 2 Piece Berry Bowls ($25 Value). These reusable berry bowls are a perfect complement to the Katie Kime plates and placements. They can be used to keep your fruit fresh in the fridge, or displayed nicely on your table. They’re also the sustainable choice in place of plastic bags or containers when you hit the farmer’s market for your weekly finds.

There were SO MANY great choices in this category (why is it always category 3???) but I had to have these super-cute berry colanders, and they don't disappoint. Solidly made, sized well, and in pretty colors, I want more of them!

Next out is what I chose from customization category #4. 

The Vince Camuto Blue Ombre CZ Necklace ($68 Value). This gorgeous, gold-plated bar necklace will add an elegant yet colorful touch to your spring wardrobe. Three stone colors create an ombre effect that’s sure to garner a lot of compliments when you pair it with your fave outfit!

This is another item I knew I would be choosing as soon as I saw it. It's a nice, dainty size in gold and the ombre stones are so pretty. LOVE.

Next out is what I chose from customization category #5.

The Foot Care Bundle: Cuccio Naturale Intense Hydrating Heel Treatment & Pedicure File ($24.95 Value). Cuccio Naturale Intense Hydrating Heel Treatment, $9.95: Confidently step out in sandals this spring knowing you’ll be steppin’ pretty. This intensely hydrating heel treatment is formulated with argan oil to combat even the driest skin, and the pedicure file will bring the pampering of a spa right to your home. 2oz. Barefoot Scientist Pedicure File, $15: Remove calluses, dry skin, and rough patches for your softest feet yet.

I already had the foot file from a previous box and love it but my daughter wanted one, too, so I grabbed it here with a bonus heel treatment. Score!

Last out is what I chose from customization category #6.

The Nue Co. SUPA THICK ($45 Value). Get to the root of your hair issues if you’re experiencing hair loss, loss of growth, or breakage. Patented follicle technology, along with prebiotics and probiotics work together to bring back luscious locks.

This was another hard choice but I really wanted to give this hair & scalp treatment a try. 

So, that was the FabFitFun Spring 2023 box and overall, I was pleased with my box. There was only one meh category for me, and while it was the biggest one, the rest of the box made up for it, for sure. 

The price of the box is far less than the value of the items you receive, which is something you should look for in a subscription box. These are always curated nicely for the season. I've been subscribed for 4 years and have loved most of the boxes so far.

Would you like to subscribe to FabFitFun and save some dough?

Get $12 off a seasonal subscription or $20 Off an Annual Subscription by using the code SPRINGFUN here.

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Do you get the FFF Box? What are your favorite items from this season? I love to read your comments!

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