Southern Mom Loves: Accessorize. Modify. Repeat. {Modify Watches Review}

Accessorize. Modify. Repeat. {Modify Watches Review}

Friday, January 30, 2015

I received a watch face and 2 bands from Modify Watches in order to facilitate an honest review; All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

I am a collector of watches, as is my son. While my son likes to collect cool and unique watches, my collection revolves more around having a great watch to go with an outfit. But what if you could find a watch that was cool and unique, but that can also be changed to match whatever you're wearing? 

Found. Modify Watches creates watch faces for every style and bands in every color of the rainbow. They design faces from plain to chic, and collaborate with hot artists and sports teams alike to help you create your perfect watch. Accessorize. Modify. Repeat.

About Modify Watches:

What we're all about
Modify Watches are fun, colorful and affordable timepieces featuring mix-and-match faces and straps. Near endless custom combinations means you can build the perfect "Mods" to match your style, fit your mood and help you show your colors!  
We're serious about helping you build products you l-o-v-e, so we give every "ModiFamily" member (that's you) a voice—go ahead, join our community of 35,000+ voting on and naming designs. Equally important, we want you to see value through a lot of choice. The modular nature of our product means that while 1 face x 1 strap = 1 Mod (meh), 3 faces x 3 straps = 9 Mods (yaaay)!! 
Our History 
Two of us began talking about watches waaaay back in April, 2010 and finally launched 3 months later after an incredibly difficult and daring journey. You know us for our first product, Modify Watches, but we incorporated as Modify Industries, Inc. We didn’t want to limit ourselves to what Modify could become. We have two core principles that impact everything we do:
  1. We do not want your purchase to be another transaction, we want it to be the start of a relationship. We expect you to tell us what to do better, and you should expect an awesome product with even better service.
  2. We're pretty good at watch design; but we are even better at listening. Fans told us to make the watch water-resistant and to add a second size—so we did. If you check out our Facebook page you’ll quickly learn that they’ve told us every design to create as well.

They're a fun company making a great product. We checked out their designs (and had a really hard time choosing), and settled on the Eldorado Watch, a cool wood face with concentric circles in black. To go with it, we chose bands in White and Slate Grey, all in the smaller "Sport" size.

I love getting a fun-to-open package and Modify didn't disappoint. So without further ado, The Unboxing:

Fun! The watch bands are a soft and flexible silicone, and the face is made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate and stainless steel.

Love it! Modify Watches are completely unisex, and come in 2 sizes: the "Classic" and the slightly smaller "Sport". They're also splash-proof, so getting caught in the rain is no biggie.

They're so easy to change up; You only have to insert the face through the back of the strap hole, snapping the top and bottom prongs into the strap ends. Like so:

The straps themselves are so comfortable and soft! I love the mod styling of the watches, and the size of the sport is perfect. I would choose the classic size for a more "boyfriend watch" effect.

Perfect. I love the wood-look of the Eldorado face, but I am also coveting so many other faces:

From top-left: Silver | Fresh Mint | Gold Glitter | Rose Gold Chevron | Nebula | British Flag | The Ritz | Terms of Endearment

Slick, right? I could see buying a few straps in colors that match my wardrobe and collecting a myriad of faces. (And I'm going to have to soon since my son has officially claimed my Eldorado face! Nooooo!)

Yep. Claimed.

If you're a sports lover, check out their watches in all of your favorite MLB, MLS, & NBA teams.

You can find Modify Watches on their website. You can also find them on social media:

What's your favorite watch?

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