Southern Mom Loves: Show Your #DisneySide with a Fun Mickey Party! {Tips, Tricks, and a Mickey Silhouette Plate Tutorial}

Show Your #DisneySide with a Fun Mickey Party! {Tips, Tricks, and a Mickey Silhouette Plate Tutorial}

Friday, February 27, 2015

I received a box of supplies from Disney in order to facilitate a fun party! All opinions are my own.

We threw a fun Disney-themed celebration last Sunday to show our Disney Side and you can too! I've got some tips and tricks to help you throw a fun party, and an easy Mickey Mouse Silhouette plate craft to help you decorate.

We had a fantastic time getting ready for our Disney @Home Celebration, and it's not as complicated as you might expect. We printed out some cute Mickey flags for a banner, bought tablecloths and napkins in Mickey colors, and had a great time coming up with names for our themed food.

You can find great party ideas and inspiration, recipes, and printable decorations and games at

To add to your decor, I made an easy Mickey Mouse Silhouette plate craft tutorial to help set your table in Disney style.

  1. You'll need clear plastic plates, two sponges, scissors, black craft or acrylic paint, a marker, and a disposable bowl or plate for the paint.
  2. Draw a large circle on one sponge for the head, and a smaller circle on the other sponge for an ear. I used the backs of measuring cups to get the two sizes.
  3. Cut out your sponge circles and flip over your first plate.
  4. Dip the sponges in the paint and stamp one large and two small circles on the back of the plate. When you turn it over, you'll have a great Mickey silhouette plate to serve your food on.

Throwing your Disney celebration can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be. We opted for simple decor and filled the floor with balloons (always a kid favorite!)

We created gift bags for the little ones from the re-usable bags that came in our Disney Side Home Celebration kit. You can use small lunch kit bags or even paper lunch bags. I made tags out of a sheet of Mickey heads that I printed out and tied them on with kitchen twine. I filled them with crafts and small toys in a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme that I found at the dollar store, Mickey Mouse cups, small treats, and some Princess nail polishes for the girls.

Kids love dressing up! We had a Belle costume that I'd made for my daughter, and also some bought costumes that I put out for the kids to play dress-up in. They had a blast getting into the theme, and wore them the whole time. You can find inexpensive costumes online or re-purpose your old Halloween costumes.

I think we had the most fun with the food. You can Disney-theme just about anything you want to serve, and you can find these cute, printable cards on the Disney Side Celebrations website.

What we served:
  • Mushu Chicken with Teriyaki dipping sauce (Mulan): Homemade chicken nuggets served on skewers. You can include any kind of dipping sauce, but we loved this one from Soy Vay.
  • Hakuna Ma-Popcorn (The Lion King): Simple popcorn served with candy snakes. You can use candy worms or bugs too. The kids loved it!
  • Mickey's Cookies and Cream Jello Cups (Mickey Mouse): Prepare cherry jello in small cups. Just before serving, dollop with whipped cream and place two mini Oreos on top for ears.
  • Poisoned Apple Slices (Snow White): Slice red apples and dip in lemon juice. We arranged these in cups on top of a dollop of fruit dip made from 8 oz. of cream cheese and 7 oz. of marshmallow cream blended well.
  • Minnie's Fruit Cups (Minnie Mouse): We wanted some healthier options, so I diced fruit to serve in small cups.
  • Daisy's Veggie Cups (Daisy Duck): Ditto on the healthier options. I served carrot and celery sticks in cups on top of a dollop of ranch dip.
  • Flounder's Fish Snacks (The Little Mermaid): Simply pour colorful goldfish crackers into a bowl.
  • When You Wish Upon a Star Cookie Decorating Station (Pinocchio): Simple sugar cookies cut into star shapes. We set out sprinkles in lots of colors and iced with leftover cake icing. Let the kids decorate them and they'll have a blast.
  • The Mad Hatter's Tea (Alice in Wonderland): This was made from an amazing herbal (caffeine-free) Pomegranate and Raspberry tea from Twinings. I added purple grape halves for a sweet surprise.
  • Mickey Goes Technicolor Cake (retro Mickey Mouse): I saved the best for last! My amazing friend Jen had the fabulous idea to turn our tie-dye cake mix and Mickey Mouse cake pan into an amazing themed cake. She decorated in sepia-tones (she is an awesome artist, and cakes are her jam), so that when you cut it open, Mickey goes technicolor! The pan is from Wilton and you can get it online, and the mix was a super-cool Duff Goldman Tie-Dye cake mix that was really easy to make.

Since our party fell on an icky day, we had lots of things prepared to keep the kids busy; Pin the Smile on Mickey, Disney word search, Disney trivia, Nail Painting, we set out our Disney movie collection for the kids to choose from, and had the Epic Mickey game set up on the Wii. 

The food was a hit, and funny enough, after all that prepping for things to keep the kids busy, I think they liked the balloons most of all. Go figure!

And while the smaller kids were decorating sugar cookies with sprinkles, my teen son was in the kitchen making monster cookies:

Behold: The Super Star! I think that deserves an award for awesome!


Show off your Disney Side with a fun @Home Celebration! Whether you want to throw an epic celebration, host an unforgettable play date or just add some Disney magic to your day, you can find inspiration at for parties for any age group.

Are you a Disney fanatic? How would you show your Disney Side? I love to read your comments!

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