Southern Mom Loves: Girls Learn STEM Skills with Adventurer Abby Boxes {Review}

Girls Learn STEM Skills with Adventurer Abby Boxes {Review}

Thursday, May 7, 2015

This is a sponsored post. I received an Adventurer Abby box in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Teaching our daughters STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) skills is so important these days as there is a marked deficit of women in STEM majors and in STEM-based careers. Adventurer Abby was designed to be a fun, relate-able role model to help take young girls through that first journey using a story-based program and engaging experiments. 

You can order (very affordable) boxes that your girls will be delighted to receive in the mail, and with summer vacation on it's way, it's a great way to keep the learning rolling right up to the next school year.


Adventurer Abby is a subscription science kit and story series for girls aged 6 to 9. 
Each chapter in Abby's story comes with a complete science kit! As your child accompanies Abby on her adventures, she will do the experiments, learning the WHAT, HOW and WHY of science in an easy and fun way. 
Along the way, Abby may encounter challenges where she needs to:
  • Find out just exactly what a catalyst is
  • Make any ball .... bouncy?
  • Discover how to depress freezing points
  • Grasp the Polymer-Slime Relationship
  • ... And Many More!
Want to find out where Abby's adventures lead her to? Order your first Adventurer Abby science kit, and follow Abby on her adventures today!

We received Abby's first adventure box chock-full of items to get us curious and learning.

The box comes with 2 numbered books, an experiment card (with all of the supplies you need to perform the experiment except the warm water), and a Clue envelope that you open after you've performed the experiment.

Not only does the kit include everything you need for the experiment, already pre-measured, it includes gloves, a cup and stir stick, and safety goggles. Now that's being prepared! 

The books are very cute with lovely illustrations. The first one walks you through Abby's own story, while the second takes you through a story that has to do with the included experiment.

My daughter loves to read so she was all over these stories! She enjoyed reading them aloud to me, but she couldn't wait to get to the experiment.

Somebody was excited to wear the goggles!

The experiments require adult supervision, but can be completed by a child. The experiment we did in the first box was Elephant Foam, which is a great project as it teaches them about catalysts, but also is so much fun to watch! My daughter played with the foam afterwards and asked questions about why it was warm, how it worked, etc., that I was delighted to hear because that means that it held her interest and made her curious. Well done, Adventurer Abby! 

Now it was time to open the Clue envelope and find out the answers!

The clue envelope contained 2 cards: The end of the experiment story and a detailed explanation of the science behind the experiment. I love that it's not just a cool project to do with your kids, but a real learning tool. 

The order of events they set up allows them to get interested through storytelling, explore through experimentation, and learn the science afterwards, which makes them more receptive to learning and remembering about something they thought was cool. Like!

If you would like to explore with Adventurer Abby yourself, you can find them online on their website:, or say "hello" on Facebook or Twitter!

What do you think about the importance of girls learning STEM skills early on? Do you have a girl who would like an Adventurer Abby box? Tell me in the comments.

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