Southern Mom Loves: Mommy Storytime: Mother's Day Edition

Mommy Storytime: Mother's Day Edition

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My mom passed in 2009 and I still miss her every day. We had a great relationship, and part of that was teasing and joking and just having fun. She didn't take life too seriously, and as a result I think I grew up with a great sense of humor, rooted in a love for the ridiculous.

This is a story about a little joke I played on her. As much as I did this (she never realized when it was April Fool's Day, lol) she always believed me. This may sound terrible, but it made for a story that I remember fondly and still giggle about to this day.

My oldest brother was the first to get married, and he and his fiance decided to do a destination wedding in Jamaica. My mom was a little upset about this since she wouldn't be able to attend.

My brother's fiance and I were good friends, and since they had been together since I was 13, I considered her like a sister. So as they made plans, she would call me and tell me what she had decided, accomplished, or booked.

One day she called me to tell me that she had booked the plane tickets and that she had shopped around and gotten a great deal. She was notorious for getting good deals by just being the most persistent person on the planet.

When I hung up, my mom asked me if that was her. I answered "yes."

My mom, in a little bit of a snippy mood said, "Well, what did she want?"

I said, "She was telling me about the great deal she got on their plane tickets."


She may be missing the wedding, but it could be worse: "Yes, they got a huge discount because they're riding in the cargo hold with the corpses being transported back to Jamaica for burial."


"She got a GREAT deal! It's practically free!"

"Why would they do that???"

"Why not? The caskets will be strapped down, and they'll just sit on top. Totally worth it."

She just turned around and left the room. I died laughing and then completely forgot about it.

Until about a week later my brother called me: "WHY WOULD YOU TELL MOM WE WERE FLYING WITH CORPSES???!!!"

Oops. I forgot to tell her I was kidding!

After I explained it to my brother and my mom, they laughed their butts off! Totally worth it.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! We know what you have to put up with (us) and we love you for it!

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