Southern Mom Loves: From Stylish Mom to Weekend Traveler, the Maxine Bag from AlmaRose Has Your Back

From Stylish Mom to Weekend Traveler, the Maxine Bag from AlmaRose Has Your Back

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I received the Maxine bag from AlmaRose in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know how bag-obsessed I am. I can never resist a beautiful bag, but am sometimes unimpressed when I open it up. For me a bag has to be functional as well as beautiful. When I got the chance to review the Maxine by AlmaRose, I was struck first by the silhouette of the bag and the gorgeous Kelly Green-colored leather, but I was most impressed when I looked inside.

AlmaRose bags are luxe leather bags with a secret inside: They are so highly versatile, they can function as a diaper bag, a work or play bag, or a travel bag. So whatever your focus, or if your focus shifts over time, their bags can be with you every step of the way.

About AlmaRose:
The Idea -- Each bag is created with the woman (who happens to be a mom) in mind first. Versatility is essential in a bag that has to meet several demands. Our brand’s priority is on the total woman and everything she chooses to be. AlmaRose is the merging of many worlds. Yes, its foundation and inspiration is a diaper bag. However, each bag provides the luxury of being what the mom needs; when she needs it. It doesn’t matter if her focus is having a career, traveling, being a mom or all three; AlmaRose has a way of fitting in perfectly. You have complete control over the dynamics of your bag and how you choose to use it.

It makes sense when buying a bag that it will evolve with you, no matter what you do. I feel that if you outgrow a bag, it wasn't really worth it in the end.

I received the gorgeous Maxine bag to review, and it didn't disappoint. It is big and roomy, and the bright Kelly Green Italian pebble leather is pliable and luxurious.

The bag features a nameplate on the front and silver-tone hardware. The zipper pulls are a matching green Italian leather throughout. Outside of the bag, there is a front pocket with a magnetic closure and a back zippered pocket. The main compartment closes with a magnetic closure as well.

On the outside, it was just as gorgeous as the photos, but on the inside, I was much more impressed.

Upon opening the bag, I was faced with a few goodies! The bag comes with a removable snap-closure changing mat and a large, zippered Express bag. You can use your Express bag for so many things, but I can see using mine as a clutch for those times when I want to travel light. It also comes with a handy dust bag for storage and protection of your gorgeous new leather bag.

Something else I found inside: More pockets and functionality than I've ever seen in one place!

It's hard to show you everything in one photo, so I'm going to break it down:

  1. 2 matching leather lanyards with clips (one on each side of the bag) for keys/pacifiers/antibacterial gel/whatever you want to pull out quickly, and you can also clip them together to secure the sides of the bag together for travel.
  2. 2 Molle snap straps (one on each side of the bag) allowing you to strap on anything you need to keep handy, like a burp cloth, a favorite toy, or a smaller bag.
  3. A large, zippered, divider pouch across the center of the bag.
  4. 2 water bottle or baby bottle holders (one on each side of the divider.)
  5. A padded electronics pocket with a snap closure (will fit a regular-sized iPad!)
  6. A large open pouch behind --
  7. A zippered pouch behind --
  8. 2 open slip pockets.
  9. A zippered money pouch behind --
  10. a secure 6 card wallet.
  11. An open sunglass pouch.

That is a lot of storage! This bag easily fit my 15" laptop and all my gear, as well as the contents of my regular purse and tablets/games/books to keep the kids busy while I worked. I can also fit a couple of water bottles, snacks, and an extra pair of shoes, and the bag still wasn't full to capacity. Impressive!

We recently took an excursion into our downtown area to explore and have some fun, and this bag took us through our day and evening without a hitch. Every mom knows "just in case" is bound to happen, and I was able to carry everything we might have needed for the day, plus a pair of heels to change into for dinner. Perfect!

Maxine Specs:

MAXINE is the bag of all trades! Not only does this bag’s leather exterior provide a stellar look, it has a great amount of space. This bag would work well for a mom who has multiple children or for the woman who loves to travel. You won’t be disappointed with its unique ability to store everything that both you and your child may need. Beyond this bag’s calling in motherhood, it can serve as a great overnight bag. If you want extreme versatility at maximum capacity, MAXINE would be an excellent choice.
  • PRODUCT COLOR: Kelly Green
  • BAG DIMENSION: 21.5”L X 15” H X 8.37” W
  • EXPRESS BAG DIMENSION: 12.31”L X 8.68” H

  • Italian Pebble Leather
  • Water and stain resistant interior
  • Easy reach pacifier and key snaps
  • Padded iPad/Kindle snap protected pocket
  • Cellular phone pocket 
  • Bottle pockets located on opposing sides of the magazine divider pocket (2)
  • Protected monetary and credit card pockets (6 slots)
  • Protective feet for the bottom of the bag
  • Metal zippered envelop pocket
  • Water and stain resistant changing mat
  • Metal zippered express bag

Take it on an outing with the kids, a picnic, to the gym, to a meeting, or on an adventure, and you will have room for everything you need and look fab to boot!

You can find the Maxine for purchase on the AlmaRose website. You can also find AlmaRose on social media. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.


I have an exciting deal just for my readers! I was provided with a 25% off discount code for AlmaRose! Use the code AR25 on their website until June 30th! That's a generous discount, and I'd love to thank AlmaRose for providing it just for you guys! Enjoy your gorgeous and functional new bag!


Which AlmaRose bag is your favorite? What would you use it for? What's your favorite feature? I'd love to hear; Let me know in the comments below!

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