Southern Mom Loves: Gift Your Dog a Basket + 3 Holiday Lovies Tutorials!

Gift Your Dog a Basket + 3 Holiday Lovies Tutorials!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Has your dog been on the naughty list or are they always on their best behavior? Whether your furry friend has been naughty or nice this year, they will go crazy for this Doggy Gift Basket! It's filled with a snuggly pup's favorite things. I'll show you what I put in mine, and if your dog likes to cuddle with stuffed animals, I've got 3 fun holiday lovies you can make for them to help decorate your basket.

Our pup is mostly on the nice list every year. She is our crazy-smart German Shepherd/Chow mix. When she's not chasing the cat for "play time" (the cat is not interested) or waiting for us to turn our backs to snatch food, she can be found cuddling. She is such an affectionate dog that when we're not there to cuddle with her, we give her stuffed toys to snuggle with, and that makes her happy.

Meet Hermione:

My hobbies include digging in the garbage and chasing the cat!
What else makes her happy? Treats! If it smells like beef (or chicken...or cheese...or pasta, smh), she is all over it! I love to be able to reward her good behavior with a delish treat.

This basket is the perfect idea for a Holiday Doggy Gift Basket, and if yours is a food-obsessed snuggler, you can make one too.

I picked up a few of the PEDIGREE® JUMBONE and a box of PEDIGREE ® DENTASTIX Beef Flavor Daily Oral Care Treats. You can find all of the yummy treats you need for your basket in the Pet Care aisle at Walmart.

MARS Pet and Walmart want to invite you to explore and share your pet's naughty or nice stories. You can tell your funniest or most cringe-inducing yarns and get special offers! There is also a tool to help pair their personality with the perfect treat for when they've been nice...or if you want them to be nicer! Check it out here.

Then I went to work making some snuggly toys. These are held together with glue, so if your dog likes to chew, omit the glue and sew these together using the same instructions below.

3 Holiday Lovies

  • Craft Felt sheets in various colors (I used 2 Tan, 4 White, 1 Red,  1 Orange, 1 Black, 1 pink, 1 purple, & 1 yellow)
  • strong Fabric glue
  • scissors
  • objects to trace circles
  • a pen/marker
  • fiberfill

To make the snowman body:
1. Trace a small plate for the lower body and a smaller plate or large cup for the head on white felt.
2. Layer it with another white felt sheet and you can cut both the front and back body out at one time.

To make the gingerbread man body:
1. We want both sides symmetrical, so fold one tan sheet in half lengthwise.
2. Use your large cup to trace half of the head at the top folded edge of the felt.
3. Use your marker to draw the body freehand. If you mess up, just try again. The marker side will end up on the inside and you won't see the markings.
4. Cut it out and open up the front body, then lay it on another sheet of tan felt. Trace it and cut out the back body.

To make the candy cane body:
1. Use the small plate to trace a half circle near the top of a white felt sheet.
2. Use a ruler to draw the outside straight edge of the candy cane.
3. Freehand draw the inner curve and then use the ruler to draw the inside straight edge.
4. Freehand draw the bottom curve, layer it on another sheet of white felt and cut out the front and back at one time.

You now have the front and back layers of our 3 holiday shapes. Now it's time to add any decorations that will touch the sides, like the candy cane stripes, the gingerbread man icing squiggles, and the snowman's scarf.

For the candy cane, cut long strips from the red felt and lay them across the body where you'd like them, then glue down. Trim at the edge of the body.

For the gingerbread man, cut 4 long, thin, squiggly shapes and glue them across the arms at the wrist, and the legs at the ankles. Trim at the edge of the body.

For the snowman, cut a curved strip and a long straight strip from the red felt. Fold the straight strip in half around the center of the curved strip and glue down around the neck. Trim at the edge of the body.

Once the glue is completely dry, it's time to glue the front and back of the body together. You can glue these front to back if you don't mind your seams sticking out, but I'm going to glue them together and then turn them inside out.

Attaching the front to the back:
1. Lay your first shape down with the decorations facing up.
2. Run a thick strip of glue around the edge, leaving one long, straight edge unglued (this is where we'll turn it and stuff it.)
3. Lay the back of the body on top of the front so that the decorations we glued on are inside of the 2 pieces. The inside pieces will be on the outside when we turn it, so if you have any markings on your fabric, those should face outwards at this point so they'll end up on the inside later.
4. Let dry completely.

Turning and stuffing the lovies:
1. Once the glue is dried, turn your shapes inside out through the hole that we left unglued in the body. 
2. Use your fingers to work the shape out and stuff with fiberfill. You can use a pencil to help you stuff the fiberfill into any nooks and crannies. 
3. Once it is stuffed to your liking, push the fiberfill out of the way of the hole, turn the edges to the inside, and run a strip of glue around the hole.
4. Use a clothespin or other clamp to hold the edges in place while the glue dries.
5. Let dry completely and then redistribute the fiberfill inside the lovie with your fingers. Repeat with the remaining shapes.

Now it's time to decorate your lovies. Cut various shapes from the felt sheets for the gingerbread man and snowman's buttons, smile, eyes, carrot nose, mittens, bowtie, etc.. Have fun and get creative!

Glue them in place and let them dry completely.

Now you can make your basket! Fill a basket with colorful paper, put in all of the treats and lovies, tie a ribbon on, and you're all done!

Your pooch will be thrilled when they sniff this gift! Not only are there chewy, crunchy, deliciously scented treats inside, but also some fun, fuzzy friends.

Good girl!

Don't forget your pets when it's time for gifting. No matter whether they have been naughty or nice, it's the season for fun treats for everyone!

If you're still not sure what to put in, check out the Stocking Solver tool on for some great recommendations.


Do you include your pets in the holiday gift-giving? Will you be making a basket this year? I love to read your comments!

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