Southern Mom Loves: How I Beat the Afternoon Energy Slump

How I Beat the Afternoon Energy Slump

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I have been compensated by ZonePerfect® for this post; however I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own. #Ad #ZonePerfectRevitalize

Tell me if this sounds familiar: The afternoon rolls around and you can barely keep your eyes open. You feel like you didn't sleep a wink last night even though you got a full eight hours. You have so much to get done but the coffee stopped working at around 2 o'clock and sadly, a nap isn't an option. It's the afternoon energy slump and we've all been there. Should you try drinking another cup of coffee (and another and another) or is there something more nutritious that will help you get your focus back? The short answer is yes, there is another option and it's how I finally beat the afternoon energy slump.

Instead of that sixth (or seventh, or eighth) cup of coffee, you can make a more nutritious choice.

One that contains green tea caffeine to increase mental sharpness and focus, choline, a nutrient, to support brain health, and lots of protein to keep you feeling full longer. It's a snack + energy boost all in one. 

They're the brand new ZonePerfect® Revitalize for Mental Focus nutrition bars and they come in three delicious flavors to satisfy all of your snack cravings. The amount of green tea extract in these bars has caffeine levels equivalent to a 1/2 cup coffee for a burst of uplifting energy, plus I love that it contains choline for more long-term benefits.

It's a more delicious choice for those afternoon slumps and will make sure you get that much-needed snack in before dinner, too.

How does Strawberry Shortcake, Hot Chocolate Marshmallow, or Salted Caramel Latte sound?

They sounded amazing to me and they taste even better than they sound. They're packed with all of the flavor that ZonePerfect bars are known for. The Strawberry Shortcake tastes like a strawberry treat and the Hot Chocolate Marshmallow tastes exactly like a cup of cocoa.

They're chewy with a nice texture, not like some bars I've tried that taste like something was pureed and poured into a bar shape. They are also drizzled with a sweet, melty topping to make this even more like dessert.

Besides helping me keep my eyes open at work, I've been stashing them everywhere as a quick and nutritious snack that will help keep me going no matter where I happen to be.

There's nothing worse than being out and about and realizing that you're starving and you need to eat something right now.

You start doing the math and realize that your only options are junk food from a convenience store (blech) or fast food (double blech.) I try to live the healthiest lifestyle I can and those options just don't interest me in the least.

Hangry has never been a good look for me, so I've been stashing these babies everywhere. 

Purse, check. Car, check. Gym bag, checkity-check-check. ZonePerfect Revitalize bars are the perfect snacking option to help me stay full + mentally sharp & focused during my day.

You can find them in Target stores, where they're brand new. Get them in the Market section in the lunchbox aisle. I know you're hungry but look away from the chips. Mmmmmm...strawberry shortcake. Worth it.

These crunchy, chewy, melty little nuggets of delicious actually have 11 grams of protein in every bar. Protein never tasted so great! (My husband might argue with that, but I can't/won't stash a steak in my purse. Sorry, honey.)

You can learn more here!

Grab some ZonePerfect Revitalize bars and focus! That afternoon slump can eat your dust.


Do you get the 'Afternoon Slump'? Have you tried the ZonePerfect Revitalize bars yet? I love to read your comments!

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