Southern Mom Loves: Holiday Gift Card & Cash Envelopes {Free Printables!}

Holiday Gift Card & Cash Envelopes {Free Printables!}

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Hey, guys, I've got some Christmas printable goodies for you! If you've ever needed a pretty envelope to gift cash, a gift certificate, or a gift card that didn't come with one, this post is for you! These colorful red and blue Scandinavian prints are perfect for packaging your gift and slipping in a stocking or hanging in the tree. Get the printables and instructions below!

I actually designed these last year because I had a specific need. One of my husband's favorite stores gives paper receipt gift cards instead of plastic ones. Yay for less plastic waste, but they're a little hard to gift without them getting lost in the unwrapping hubbub.

I tucked it in one of these envelopes and popped it between branches on the tree. Cute and functional.

Ditto with my teen son's favorite gift: cash. I've gifted him origami cash in gift boxes and bills in wallets. The year before last he thought the Marvel wallet I gifted him was just a wallet. It was a month later that he found the cash inside! 😂

Last year I used this envelope and tucked it into the tree. No muss, no fuss, no extra fiddling or shopping or wrapping; Perfect!

I designed this a little bigger than a US bill to be able to use it for paper gift certificates, too (if they're not too oversized).

Get the printable envelope pdfs at the links below. You can print them right from your browser window or save them to your computer to print out later. For these envelopes, use a sheet of cardstock or a heavier printer paper.

Make sure to choose "Print at 100%" or "Do Not Resize" when you print them so that they will print at the correct size to fit the contents. Then, check out the instructions below to see how these fold up!

Holiday Gift Card & Cash Envelopes Assembly Instructions
Source: Southern Mom Loves


  • scissors or a craft knife
  • glue
  • ruler (optional)


1. Print and cut out the envelopes you'd like to use.

2. (optional) If you have trouble folding cardstock precisely, you can "score" it by using a ruler and something pointy but slightly dull, like the point of your scissors.

Place your ruler along the fold line and run your scissor point down it. You don't want to cut through it, you just want to make an indented line down the fold line. Now when you go to fold it, it will fold up easily just where it should, and in a crisp line.

3. First, fold up the bottom, then fold in the sides. Unfold the sides and use your glue on the outside bottom flap. Fold the sides in again and press them down into the glue.

4. Allow to dry completely before using. Fill with cash or a gift card and seal with a piece of tape, glue, or a sticker.

I hope you enjoy these Holiday Envelopes!

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Are you in need of fun holiday envelopes? Will you be using these? I love to read your comments!

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