Southern Mom Loves: Curateur Fall 2021 Welcome Boxes; Choose Your 3-Piece Bundle for $39.99!

Curateur Fall 2021 Welcome Boxes; Choose Your 3-Piece Bundle for $39.99!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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Hey, guys! I'm back with the Fall 2021 Curateur Welcome Boxes! Curateur is a luxury subscription box that delivers the season's most coveted picks in high-end fashion and beauty. These Welcome Boxes are a great way to get a taste of luxe for a huge discount. I'll show you the 3 Welcome box bundles and the customization choices and values for each + I've got a discount code to get one for just $39.99!

About Curateur

Curateur is a luxury, high-end subscription service that delivers seasonal fashion and beauty trends curated by celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, valued at over $400, direct to your door 4 times a year for less than $100 per box. You also get exclusive membership perks like styling tips from Rachel and access to their member marketplace with additional items up to 60% off retail value.

If this sounds familiar, Curateur is the evolution of Box of Style. Check out some of my past Curateur/Box of Style unboxings here.

This summer season was the first time I've seen a "Welcome Box" from Curateur and I jumped on it! I'm really enjoying the weekender, sunglasses, and fancy sunscreen so I'm glad that I did. The value on this Fall's bundles is way higher (up to $573!) so the price for the Welcome Boxes rose a little, too.

The Welcome Box includes 3 items (as opposed to the 5 in a regular season's box) and you get to choose from 3 bundles. The newest option is that you also get to customize items within some of the bundles!

#1. Elegant Essentials Bundle (RV $312+)


#2. Finishing Touches Bundle (RV $290+)

So, those are the Fall 2021 Curateur Welcome boxes! I have to say they have at least one of my past Curateur product favorites in each bundle. The Amber Sceats Cuff is gorgeous and so is the Cushnie Ombre Scarf. I am currently carrying the Jules Kae Zola Bag and I love it! It's edgy, roomy, and comfortable to carry. The tote is cute and the Elaluz, ABH, and Illamasqua are good, so it's a tough choice this season!

If it's anything like last season, they will sell out fast. Once they start selling out, they'll come out with more box combinations of different items so if there's something you really have to have, grab it while you can. If you're meh on these choices, give it a week or two.

Curateur always has well-made and fashion-forward pieces in their boxes and I loved getting my Welcome Box last time. It's a great way to get a taste of the boxes for a huge discount!

Get a Curateur Welcome Box for $39.99 by clicking here and using the code WELCOME10!

If you'd rather go ahead and sign up to get a full Fall box with 5 items, get $25 off with code SOUTHERNMOM25 here 

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What did you think of the Curateur Fall Welcome Boxes? Which bundle would you choose? I love to read your comments!

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