Southern Mom Loves: Knit Dress 101: How to Style Our Fave Feminine Fall Trend

Knit Dress 101: How to Style Our Fave Feminine Fall Trend

Monday, November 27, 2023

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Who says fashion can’t coincide with being comfy? Be warm and look good while the cool autumn air breezes in.

The leaves are starting to change from green, to red, orange, and yellow, the air has grown a bit colder, and everything is beginning to get pumpkin-spiced. Fall is here and that means you get to bring out your fuzzy socks, UGG boots, stylish jackets, and knit dresses. 

Knit dresses are the essential clothing item to have when you want to wear a dress but don’t want to deal with the cold breeze. It’s an almost effortless look that can be worn virtually anywhere- plus it’s really warm and comfy.

Now if you’re new to the knit dress game and want to know all the hot gossip on knit dresses then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be discussing:

  • What exactly is a knit dress?
  • How to style a knit dress- (mini, short, midi, and long)
  • What you can wear under a knit dress to make the most of your outfit
  • Designer knit dresses
Knit dresses are a great example of a “one-and-done” fit like these summer dresses, so for all of our people who love to get up and go, you’re gonna fall in love with knitwear.

What is a knit dress?

All the details of what makes a knit dress, a knit dress!

Knit dresses are made of a woven material that’s all about keeping warmth in while you stay comfortable out and about. Image courtesy of Pound Fabrics.

You know the feeling of slipping on a knit sweater, it’s automatically warm and feels like you’re giving yourself a hug, that’s what a knit dress is but instead of it being just on the top half of your body, it’s like a warm hug all over. Crafted with one long unbroken piece of yarn or thread that’s looped over and over to form the piece, knit dresses are made with care, and if you look closely you can see the details of the stitching. The results leave you with something that’s flexible to wear and doesn’t retain wrinkles.

How to Style a Knit Dress

The do’s and don’ts of styling your first knit dress

Go simple and wear something you feel confident in, especially if it looks this good! Image courtesy of Shopbop.

There are a lot of different styles and sizes a knit dress can come in, traditionally you’ll see mini, midi, long, and mock turtlenecks are the most popular choices you can find when you’re looking for your own knit dress. 

  • You’ll find that a lot of the time you can pair a nice belt with a knit dress no matter the size, they can add a bit of definition to the look and you’ll get a chance to show off that waist!
  • If it’s cold, layer up! Knit dresses are made to keep you warm but some aren’t always the thickest material and even then it can still be cold. A long trench or jacket can really add to the outfit. Also if you’re a scarf person, a nice big fluffy scarf can really add some dimension to the outfit.
And since there are a few varying styles, here’s a mini deep dive into what you can wear with each.

Knit Mini Dress

Although typically you’ll find the majority of people wear their knit dresses when warmer temperatures start to disappear, there are ways to wear a knit dress year round and that’s with a mini knit dress. You’ll see that they will typically have a shorter cut and have short sleeves, or sleeveless options to beat the heat, but if you’re thinking of busting it out when it’s chilly try pairing the dress with a warm jacket, tights, or knee-high boots.

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your favorite knit mini-dress. Image courtesy of net-a-porter.

Knit Midi Dress

Above the ankles, below the knees, that’s a midi dress and it’s the perfect start for fall. You can wear these anywhere, perfect for a day out on the town or a late-night event. Knit midi dresses can come in long or short sleeves, so if the one you’re eyeing has short sleeves try pairing it with a pullover like you’d wear with the mini. A necklace and handbag are great accessories to add to your outfit, especially if the dress is all one color. Those things will add balance to the whole look.

Finding colors that complement each other is key to a great outfit. Image courtesy of Old Navy.

Knit Long Dress

You can’t go wrong with a knit long dress, especially when you wear it for a party, and pairing it with an ankle boot is an easy way to stay comfortable but still look fashionable. A small chain necklace can also work really well with this dress, it can make an outfit go from casual to classy with one statement piece.

Feeling good and looking good are essential to make a good outfit. Image courtesy of Shopbop.

Knit Mock Turtleneck Dress

You’re either a big fan of mock turtlenecks/turtleneck outfits or you’re not, and if you’re on the fence, then you’ll definitely choose a side after seeing how cute knit mock turtlenecks can be. These dresses are made for a night on the town. A beautiful jean fleece jacket can go well with a neutral tone dress, and go wild with adding jewelry all over: necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Mock turtlenecks are back and better than ever! Image courtesy of Lulus.

What to Wear Under a Knit Dress

Let’s help everyone feel their best in their own knit dress

Knit dresses can work for anyone. Image courtesy of Roolee.

Is your knit dress not fitting exactly how you want it to? Or maybe you’re wondering about what goes on behind the curtain. What do you wear under your knit dress so you get the most out of the outfit? 

  • One of the most highly requested garments that people who wear knit dresses swear by is any kind of Shapewear. These dresses can fit in ways you might not expect when you first try them on so having something to support and cling to your body, so you feel the most comfortable out and about is most important. (Plus sometimes you’ll find that certain materials will get itchy, or might not feel right on your skin on a certain day, with Shapewear you can avoid any awkward itchiness).
  • No-panty-line underwear is also a good call as some knit dresses will cling to your body and if you don’t want your underwear lines showing then seamless underwear is the way to go!
  • Also similar to Shapewear, you can get a full slip which is the more “loose and flowy” choice to have under your knit dress when you’re out and about.

Where to get a Designer Knit Dress

Splurge and get something you’ll love to bust out for every special event

Strut your stuff and feel like you're walking on the red carpet wherever you go. Image courtesy of @greceghanem on Instagram.

Now that you know what a knit dress is and how to style it, let’s talk designer knit dresses, the best of the best, the ones fashion experts love to talk about.

  • This TOTEME wool midi dress for $440 is from Farfetch and it’s a sexy sleek charcoal gray dress perfect for an after-work function or late-night outing with friends.
  • Feeling bored of neutral tones, look at this Isabel Marant Marina Dress for $1,390 from Shopbop. A fun twist to the classic knit dress look.
  • From Milly, this Multi Color Racer Stripe Mini Dress for $395 adds a splash of color but keeps it classy, a very cool dress design that we loved as soon as we saw it.
  • Feel like Chris Evans from Knives Out in this TOTEME Ribbed Knit wool maxi dress for $500 from Mythersa. A dress that’s just waiting for your personal touch.
  • And this Enza Costa Knit Slouch Dress from Shopbop for $275 is just the right amount of playful and elegant.

Let’s Recap

With our favorite feminine fall fashion trend here to stay, there are plenty of ways to style a knit dress that best fits your fashion tastes. Whether you go for a long refined look that’ll leave you the talk of the party or something that’s a bit more splashy and fun, you can try your hand at mixing and matching a variety of necklaces, ankle boots, and jackets to wear with your new knit dress.

Are you a fan of knit dresses? Will you be styling one this winter?

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