Southern Mom Loves: Urthbox Delivers Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family

Urthbox Delivers Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I received an Urthbox in order to facilitate an honest review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

As a mom, I want my family to choose to eat healthier snacks, but left to their own devices, that's not usually the choice they make. 

I've tried prepping veggie trays in the fridge, but for my family, leaving a bowl of snacks (usually fruit) on the counter is the most effective. It's within eyesight and ready to be eaten immediately, which I've found is what they'll go for first...until they get tired of fruit, and then it's back in the cabinets for chips and snacks. 

What if you could give them a broader choice of ready-to-eat snacks that are all healthy? Urthbox delivers.

About Urthbox:
UrthBox is all about the delicious discovery of healthy new snacks. Every month we'll help you discover safe, healthy and natural products from trustworthy brands that you can purchase at your local stores or at the UrthBox Shop. 
In Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet box options, we'll send you foods, beverages, snacks and more that are NON-GMO, Organic and All Natural focused right to your door every month. And... shipping is always free.

Each month our expert buyers carefully select new products that undergo ingredient, source, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing reviews. Only the highest scoring products pass to our members. 
Just select a box and we'll take care of the rest. 
  • Select a Box : Select a box size and choose from our Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Diet options. You can choose anywhere from one to six month subscriptions that you can gift to friends too.
  • Shipment : Each month your Urthbox will ship at the same time. We'll email you once your box is ready to ship.
  • Enjoy : Once you receive your box you'll be surprised with carefully selected fresh new snacks that are all yours. Enjoy what you get and purchase more of what you love at member discounts at the UrthBox Shop or at local stores.
  • Loyalty Points : You'll also earn big points for every subscription month, for referring friends and for every purchase you make at the UrthBox Shop. You can easily redeem your points for even bigger discounts.

I was given the chance to try a Large Urthbox (the Group Snacker), and I chose the Classic box. Also available are Gluten Free, Vegan, and Diet boxes. It contains 24+ organic & non-GMO products and sells for as low as $36.99 a month (pre-paid), which is actually less than what I spend at the grocery store on snacks. It was absolutely stuffed with snacks!

My box was the April box, and each month's boxes will hold different products. I received a huge array of snacks like drinks, pureed fruit pouches, kale chips, potato chips, candy, nuts, chocolates, bars, milk straws, popcorn, and all from the brands I see in the whole foods section of the grocery store. I even received a $15 gift card to Urban Remedy!

The box contained doubles of a lot of items, which kept the kids happy (do you have that problem where they each have to have what the other has? urgh.) It also contained items that mom had to confiscate and hide in-depth testing....

There were actually some items I would have never picked up, but that turned out to be amazing, like the cheddar kale chips, banana bread biscotti, savory bacon sunflower seeds, lemon toffee pretzel sticks, and the baked bean bites. Yum! That list could have been longer, but I have to stop somewhere, y'all!

I placed the Urthbox on the counter and the kids couldn't wait to choose their after-school snacks from it, and I felt good about giving them healthier choices. Total win.

Urthbox comes in different sizes to suit your family size and snacking habits, and each size box can be Classic, Gluten Free, Vegan, or Diet. 

The prices for boxes can be as low as $8.99 a month, so grab an Urthbox for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

You can check out the Urthox website here. Happy snacking!

Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly

Do you subscribe to monthly boxes? Have you tried a food box yet? I'd love to hear; Tell me in the comments below!

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