Southern Mom Loves: DIY Scented Body Spray

DIY Scented Body Spray

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

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My daughter is at that fun age where she loves having at-home spa days, and since she also loves doing fun projects, I thought a DIY beauty series was in order! First up is a simple and lovely Scented Body Spray recipe.

Creating your own scented body spray is easy and inexpensive. You can control the ingredients as well as the scent strength making it ideal for everyone - from those with allergies and sensitive skin to sweet little girls who want to smell pretty like mommy. 

My daughter loves creating simple body sprays with me for two reasons: the first being fun creative time with mom and secondly, the end result gives her a small spray bottle of scented body spray that is just for her! 

I enjoy it for the unique scents as well as the fact that we skip the artificial fragrances, dyes, and drying ingredients that are not necessary but make up the majority of commercial perfumes and sprays. 

I used just 3 ingredients and picked up a 3 pack of travel sized bottles at the Dollar Tree, the perfect size for little girls and frugal too! No matter what brand you prefer I always recommend that you use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

DIY Scented Body Spray Recipe

You will need:


  1. Combine water and witch hazel in a small spray bottle and swirl to combine.
  2. Add 5 drops of essential oil, swirl again.
  3. Keep adding essential oils until your desired scent strength is reached.
  4. Replace lid and shake well.

Your body spray will last indefinitely although the essential oil will begin to lose its potency after awhile. If you use citrus essential oils you should make this spray in a glass bottle as citrus oils will eat away at plastic over time.

You can stick with a single essential oil or create a delicious combination from 2 or more oils. For little girls my favorite is lavender, which is well known to be a calming and relaxing essential oil.

As an added bonus you can use this same spray as a linen spray for bedtime and it helps children fall and stay asleep.

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Do you like making your own bath and body products? What is your favorite essential oil? Will you be making this body spray? I love to read your comments!

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