Southern Mom Loves: Throw a Glam-tastic Oscar Watch Party! {+ a Printable 2019 Winner Picks Sheet}

Throw a Glam-tastic Oscar Watch Party! {+ a Printable 2019 Winner Picks Sheet}

Monday, February 26, 2018

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The Oscars are right around the corner and I know lots of people get together and watch it with friends, but wouldn’t it be fun to make it a glam party night? Sure, you could just order some pizza and crash in front of the TV, but why not have fun with it? Why not go all out and finally have an excuse to wear that LBD you haven't had a chance to yet? I've got some tips and tricks for setting up a glam-tastic Oscar Watch Party and a fun printable game (UPDATED FOR 2019!) so everyone can make their picks!

Decide ahead of time if you want your guests to dress to the nines or do something more casual, then start by sending out invitations. You can do an evite, but it would also be fun to mail fancy invitations in gold or red. Inside the invitations, ask guests to wear their fanciest attire (or not) and be ready for a glamorous night of schmoozing. You may not be mingling with the stars, but you will be mingling with some of the best people you know.

Create a Menu of Fancy Hors d'oeuvres! Think of this as an upscale cocktail party. You can find thousands of amazing hors d’oeuvre recipes on Pinterest. (You could also try my Sausage, Feta & Spinach Stuffed Baby Portobello Mushrooms!)

If you’re not great at cooking, consider hitting your local Sam’s or Costco to see what fancy foods they have available. You’ll be able to buy in bulk and not have to do any of the work, except maybe tossing the food in the oven.

Set the Atmosphere. Hang red drapes or tablecloths around the TV where you’ll be viewing the Oscars or around your food and drink table. You can also set the mood with low lighting in the form of candles or lamps. Decorate your table with big, foil stars or gold beads, white tablecloths, or a Clapperboard if you have one (or grab one on Amazon.)

Pop Some Bubbly. Make it a special occasion by getting some really good sparkling wine or champagne. If there will be guests are your party under the age of 21, you can also include some sparkling water or juice. You may even want to create a custom cocktail for the party if you’re feeling adventurous!

Play a Game to Guess the Winners. I made this fun Oscar Picks Printable so everyone can play along! Get the 2019 PDF here (2018), then print out a sheet for everyone and have them pick winners before the broadcast starts. It’s a fun way to kill some time before the show begins. Have everyone mark their sheets as the winners are announced and see who got the most right at the end of the night.

Give Awards to Friends! Something else really fun to do is create awards for all your guests. On Amazon, you can find a 6-pack of Oscar-like trophies for only $7.97. Have fun with the categories, such as Best Legging Collection or Best Dressed Mom on Monday Mornings.

Send Everyone Home with a Goody Bag. Last, you can send your guests home with some posh gift bags! The actors and actresses always get some amazing gifts for attending the Oscars. While you can’t send your guests home with something that cool, you can send them home with some nice gift bags. For the ladies, include things like bath bombs, wax melts, body crème, truffles, a bottle of wine, etc. For the guys, you can add bottles of cologne, small containers of bourbon, cigars, etc. Think about what your friends like best!

I hope you guys use these tips to throw a fabulous Oscar Watch Party! You can have an amazing night right at home. :)


Are you watching the Oscars this year? Do you have people over to watch with you? I love to read your comments!

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