Southern Mom Loves: Smartass & Sass December 2020 Unboxing + a Discount Code for 15% Off!

Smartass & Sass December 2020 Unboxing + a Discount Code for 15% Off!

Monday, December 28, 2020

I received a complimentary box from Smartass & Sass; All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

Hey, guys, I've got another new subscription unboxing for you: Smartass & Sass for December 2020! This is a lifestyle box with a snarky mixture of fashion, beauty, & home items that they are proud to source from artists & small businesses. I had a blast unboxing this one, but be aware that this humor is for the adults in the house. I've got December's box to show you and I also have an exclusive coupon code to get 15% off! Let's unbox it!

About Smartass & Sass

"A SUBSCRIPTION FOR SASSHOLES. If you love to laugh, have a sarcastic sense of humor, and have the mouth of a sailor, this is the subscription for you."

Smartass & Sass is a monthly subscription box with 3 subscription options
  1. A monthly t-shirt only box
  2. The monthly S&S Box that includes 5-7 hand-picked items made by artists, small businesses, and house-designed items
  3. The Big Box subscription that includes the S&S box along with a t-shirt every month.

The subscriptions range from $15.95 to $49.95 with the option to prepay for a length of time and save. 

For instance, the regular S&S Box (the one I'm unboxing here) is $34.95 a month. If you subscribe and prepay for 6 months, each month comes out to $32.95. It's a great way to save.

Let's unbox it!

Smartass & Sass - December 2020

December's theme is all about saying BYE to 2020 and supporting you with sassy motivation for the new year. I haven't seen a box theme more appropriate all year. 😆

The box is topped with a magazine telling you about each product in the box and and also has some great discount codes for some of the businesses included.

It also has all of the info and a password for a member-only Secret Sass Shop where you can get a big discount on some really great items. Seriously, I want everything!

First out is the Uh Huh Honey Hand Creme from Yes Studio

I love a good hand cream in winter and this one soaks in fast and smells lovely. The tube is also very pretty. Nice!

"Uh huh honey! Keep skin soft and moisturised all year round with the Yes Studio Honey Hand Cream. Perfect for skin in need of some love, this lightly scented balm absorbs quickly to protect, nourish and moisturise hands... Simply pop this skincare essential in your bag and face the day in smooth style."

Next out is a pad of Keep Calm and Drink Coffee Sticky Notes from Smartass and Sass

This is my daily working mantra. These pretty stickies will go straight to my desk!

"Drumroll... Our stickies are back! With a very true saying at the top, spice up all your thoughts with these cute stickies pinned up for your personal reminder. Includes 50 sheets."

Next out are a set of Headstrong Highlighters from Smartass and Sass

How cute is this set of highlighters?! They come in a zippered bag perfect for your desk drawer or throwing in a work bag. Nothing like highlighting the fact that you're a badass all day.

"Calling all color coordinators! These sassy highlighters will spark up all your planners, notebooks, and papers! The bright side--no pun intended-- is every time you use one you're reminded of your badassery!"

Next out is a Shit-To-Do Notepad from Craft Boner

I am a To-Do list aficionado and this pad is smart as well as being on the nose (check out the clever way of dating your notes at the bottom.) My husband promptly claimed this one and honestly, anything to help him remember to get his shit done is a miracle-level product.

"Organize your life with this foul-mouthed notepad that helps you keep all the shit that you need to do in order each day. This 50 page 4" x 6" notepad has spots for all the shit you need to do and also has a section at the bottom for you to circle the day/month of that exact shit that you need to do. "

Speaking of Lizzo, next out is a Feelin' Good As Hell Bangle from Smartass and Sass

The song Good As Hell has now been in my head for about 5 days straight and I'm not mad about it. I'm loving the positivity on this adjustable bangle and everytime I see it I feel a little better, even though this year has been the woooooooorsttttttttttt.

"A perfect add-on to any look, this stainless steel bangle reminds you that it's not a bad life, just a bad moment. Feelin' good as hell, even amongst the bullshit!"

Next out is a Just F*cking Breathe Rock from Viva Rebel

This world is crazy; sometimes we need a reminder to just f*cking breathe.

"In through the nose...out through the mouth. Badass gratitude stones to encourage and empower women. These traditional gratitude stones combined with swear words will help relax, motivate, and inspire you."

Next out is A F*cking 2021 Calendar from Sourcebooks

What better way to start a new year than with a new calendar that reminds you that 2020 is officially over? Getting one that will make you laugh every day.

I flipped through this and audibly laughed a few times. It's bold and clever and the perfect addition to a box intended to lighten your mood in the sassiest way possible. 

"What better way to help you get real, blow off some steam, and laugh through the year than with a swearing calendar for 2021? 365 days of funny expletive phrases and bold, designed pages."

Last out is a You got This Mug from Smartass and Sass

I love coffee and I love cute mugs. This is going to be a great motivational mug to help you get through the day.

"Remind yourself with your morning joe that YOU. GOT. THIS. Smartass and Sass's own purple mug with a speckled design--safe for any kind of wash!"

I absolutely loved unboxing Smartass & Sass. The items were cute, useful, inspirational, and most of all, funny. Honestly, I need all of the laughs I can get after this past year and I got a few just unboxing this. 

Usually when I do an unboxing, I talk about the value of the items vs. the cost of the box. This box had a value of $99.94, which is great, but the real gem here is whoever found all of these items and put them in one box. The curation here is excellent and I can't put a price on delight and laughter. If you, too, are a bit of a sasshole, you'll love getting this box every month.

Thanks to Smartass & Sass, I have a discount code for you guys! Use code SML15 for 15% Off your first box! Get Smartass & Sass here.

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What do you think of Smartass & Sass? What were your favorite items? I love to read your comments!

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