Southern Mom Loves: 8 Ways to Entertain Kids During a Power Outage

8 Ways to Entertain Kids During a Power Outage

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Storm season is coming and we usually get power outages at least a few times a year. The utility company may get it fixed within a few hours, but what about keeping the kids occupied in the meantime? I've put together my 8 go-to ways to keep the kids entertained during a power outage...just in case. You'll need flashlights or candles, but these are all power-free solutions to keep them busy.

#1. Play-dough!

Play-dough is a great way to keep kids busy without power, and putting down a drop cloth goes a long way to make clean up easier, especially without a vacuum. If you have the ingredients handy, you can try making my Slime recipe.

#2. Coloring books and crayons.

Art and creativity go hand in hand but without hot water you don't want to have to clean up any messy art projects. Drawing and coloring are the perfect way to bring art into a boring, powerless day without the mess of paint.

#3. Board Games

Classic board games are a great way to kill time while the power is out. Spending time as a family playing board games is a great way to use the power outage to enjoy some family bonding. Bored with the games you have on hand? Use the pieces of games you have to create your own board game.

#4. Clean up! 

While some tasks like vacuuming may be out, you can make good use of your time by cleaning as a family. Fill some trash bags of clutter, box up some donations, and give everything a good dusting. Never hurts to put the kids to work helping with chores!

#5. Good old fashioned books. 

Don't get me wrong, I love e-readers. I could not store the thousands of books we own on our readers in the house, but sometimes a good paper book is just what you need to kill time without using power.

#6. Dinnertime!

Have the kids help create a power free meal. Learning to cook is great for kids and throwing the challenge of helping to create a meal without using power is a great way for kids to learn a valuable cooking skill for when they're older.

#7. Shadow Puppets.

Find yourself still without power after dark? Shadow puppet shows are a great way to keep kids busy making shapes and animals and it uses a minimal light source so you don't need to use up a lot of resources to power this activity. A flashlight or candle will do the trick!

#8. Blanket Fort.

Build a fort and camp out in the living room! The kids have fun and you can make the most of a long night without power. A fort is a great way to help keep everyone warm as well making it a great tactic for winter power outages.


Do you get a lot of storms in your area? Do you have trouble keeping the kids busy when the power goes out? I love to read your comments!

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