Southern Mom Loves: 3 HUGE Reasons to Limit Your Kids' Screen Time

3 HUGE Reasons to Limit Your Kids' Screen Time

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Today I have a Guest Post from Marina, a mommy and blogger at Parental Journey. We all try to limit our kids' screen time, but she has given me 3 HUGE reasons why it's not so harmless. Keep reading her fantastic article below!

Even though we are all more or less aware by now that screen time might be damaging to our children, not everyone is that invested in limiting their kid’s screen time. Some people might view it as a well-deserved break and a fantastic alternative to tantrums, or a good excuse for yourself to indulge in screen-time for you, whether it is television or online shopping. Let’s get this clear, though – screen time is, indeed, damaging and you should cut it as much as you can, especially in early childhood. Why? Well, let’s see.

1. More screen-time correlates with higher levels of depression

It’s been proven by recent studies that kids that spend more time scrolling down their news’ feeds or seeing pictures of other people having fun on Instagram are actually more depressed. They think that whatever they are looking at is a proper and truthful depiction of other people’s lives while they are stuck at home. Usually, you’d think this was an advice for teenagers, but actually, since kids are getting smartphones younger and younger, you might feel the need to discuss these issues even with a 9-year-old.

2. It keeps them from being bored

And you might wonder: well, isn’t that precisely the point? Yes and no. You see, kids need to feel bored. They need to understand the world does not revolve around them and their entertainment needs. They need some time looking at a blank while to get their imagination started. Kids from all ages of history have managed to occupy themselves for hours with simple objects, like cardboard boxes or tree branches. It would be terrible if our kids would lose the opportunity to re-imagine themselves and have some fun of their own without screens.

3. It keeps them from dealing with frustration

Electronic devices are fantastic because they give us basically everything we want. They even give us everything we want in a matter of seconds, and we are so used to that that even a slower internet connection might drive us crazy. But we all know the world does not work like that – often, we have to wait for hours or months for an answer and people are not chasing us around asking what we want. Online, kids have a distorted sense of reality because they are capable of doing basically everything and they don’t even have to wait for stuff to happen. It keeps from dealing with frustration, understanding some things are just not going to happen the way you thought and so you have to move on and come up with a plan B.


Marina is a parenting blogger from Croatia. She is the face behind Parental Journey, a simple mom blog that deals with all the up and downs of parenthood. Marina graduated with a degree in Journalism, but she decided to start her own business. She is proud work-at-home mom.

Do you limit screen time? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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