Southern Mom Loves: 4 Ways to Grow Your Child’s Love of Gardening

4 Ways to Grow Your Child’s Love of Gardening

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Hi, guys! Today I have a Guest Post from Jeremy of Green Thumb Gardener. He shares tips, tutorials, and reviews to help you get the most out of your garden, including enticing the kids into gardening, too. Take it away, Jeremy!

Gardening with your children is such a fun activity that gets them outside and in the sun. As a parent, I know that getting them involved in my passion enables me to pass on a timeless legacy to them. Let’s make gardening fun, amazing and enjoyable to help create those special moments that bond us together. These are some of the ways you can get your kids to help you in the garden.

1. Indoor Gardening | Kids can help with House Plants

Indoor plants are a good way to introduce them to growing plants out in a garden.

Start with having them transplant your indoor plants to a larger container. Encourage them to follow your planting procedure and give them instructions for maintaining the plants.

Kids love responsibility & taking care of things. This will give them the courage to try more gardening if it grows well. Once you've planted indoor ones, you can move them to your outdoor garden.

Give them more responsibilities and watch out the magic that unfolds. It is certainly a great way to teach them the basics.

2. Make Gardening Fun | Every Kid Loves to Play

Your child may like lots of colors, patterns, flowers birds, butterflies, and nice trees. These are all beautiful features of a garden. What if you made it more fun?

You could simply plan to design a garden attracting butterflies, hummingbirds or other unique birds.  Add a centerpiece that they can help pick out like a bird feeder or a bird bath.

Kids will surely love seeing butterflies or birds around and watching them feed. You can then give them the responsibility of adding more food to the feeders.

3. Garden Tools for Kids | Personalize their Garden Experience

You know your child will love having their own set of tools that are special for them. These could be a garden tool bag with shovels, pails, rakes, water cans. They are a perfect size for your kid to comfortably handle them. Even if they are made of plastic, they are strong enough to handle a small weight.

The tools are all part of the fun that comes with gardening.  Well, that and getting your hands dirty. Your kids will enjoy planting flowers in their mini plant containers and watering their plants.

4. Garden Routine | Helps them with Responsibility

Some plants need to be watered every day. Some may only need to be watered weekly. Establish a routine that you and your child will be following in caring for the plants.

Let them know when it's time to maintain the garden. Your kids will be reminding themselves about the garden chores. Most of the times, you may even find them in the garden ahead of you.

Be careful not to force them into the garden. Gardening on their own will help to grow their green thumb.

Kids Love Gardening

Seeing them run around chasing butterflies and birds can feel really magical.  Getting them in the garden early enough will give them the necessary gardening knowledge.

Gardening will teach them another facet of life as they see their plants mature and all the connected life that is associated with it. Start small and you will see your child’s love of gardening grow.

Jeremy Starke is a father of 2 young daughters who love helping out in the garden.  He realized early on to get them involved while they were young.  Jeremy loves to teach and grow other gardeners while he writes about vegetable gardening on his website Green Thumb Gardener.


Are you an avid gardener? Do the kids like to get out there with you? I love to read your comments!

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