Southern Mom Loves: Kitchen Conversion & Substitution Charts in Black, Blue, & Green Chalkboard {Free Printables!}

Kitchen Conversion & Substitution Charts in Black, Blue, & Green Chalkboard {Free Printables!}

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Hey, guys! Today's post is a set of helpful printables that will look cool in your kitchen and help you while you're baking and cooking. One will help you find any measurement equivalent you need (super-helpful when increasing or decreasing a recipe) and the other will be helpful to figure out what you can substitute for that ingredient you don't have on hand, and I made it for you in 3 colors that will work in any kitchen decor!

These were born from a need to have this information readily available. I was constantly looking up these things on my phone while I was cooking or creating a new recipe and I thought it would be great to have a chart on hand. 

There are lots of printables out there on the interwebz but I wanted something cute that I could frame and hang on the wall in my kitchen. I also wanted more information that was useful in just one pretty page, so I made one. 

Then I thought you guys might like it so I decided to made a few sets in different colors. Ta-da! 

For these, I used a black chalkboard background and wanted to do a few other common chalkboard colors, so I chose a rich green and a blueprint blue. Hope you love them!

Kitchen Conversion & Substitution Charts

Get the printables you want below then keep reading for instructions on how to trim and frame them.


  • Plain or cardstock printer paper (for glass or no glass frames)
  • scissors and a pencil OR a craft knife
  • 8"x10" frame for each printable

1. Print out the desired printables at 100% or Do Not Resize. If you're using glass in your frame, you can use plain paper, but if you're framing without glass to avoid glare, use a heavier cardstock paper.

2. Take the glass out of your frames. If you're using a frame with a mat, you don't have to trim the printables, just center them in your mat and tape down in the back.

3. Center your frame glass over the print and use a craft knife to trim OR trace with a pencil and cut out with scissors. Repeat for additional printables.

4. If you're using glass, give it a good clean and let it dry completely before framing.

5. Reassemble the frame with your print and they're ready for hanging!

I hope you found these printables useful. They've already been a big help with my cooking!!!

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What do you think of these printables? What color are you choosing for your kitchen/ I love to read your comments!

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