Southern Mom Loves: Craving Coffee? Try This!

Craving Coffee? Try This!

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Thank you Post for sponsoring this post. Post Dunkin’ cereals are rolling out nationwide now. To find a retailer carrying the cereal, check the store locator at

Y'all. I just found my new favorite thing. So, I don't know if I've mentioned this yet (lol), but I love me some coffee. Coffee in a cup, over waffles, or frozen on a stick, I've found some creative ways to have coffee just about any time of day. (If you're confused about the last sentence, check my recipe section. πŸ˜‰) This one is brand new and it is scrumptious.

I am big on coffee. Something about it is just so soothing. I always have a big cup in the morning and it's my preferred way to start the day. My favorite coffees are rich, dark roasts with a hint of creamy caramel flavor. I also love grabbing coffee drinks on the go. It's such a yummy treat!

Ready for a new treat? Post has teamed up with Dunkin’ to bring your favorite yummy coffee drinks to the table with two new coffee-flavored cereals: Post Dunkin’ Caramel Macchiato and Dunkin’ Mocha Latte cereals! 

These new Post Dunkin' cereals were inspired by Dunkin’ fans’ two favorite coffee drinks and are just as rich and indulgent as the real thing.

Y'all. As soon as I saw these I squee'd a little bit. I love the iced Caramel Macchiato so I had to try it. It is amaaaazing!!!

Post Dunkin’ Caramel Macchiato cereal is filled with crunchy cereal pieces and caramel-swirled marshmallows and Post Dunkin’ Mocha Latte cereal features a hint of chocolate and latte-swirled marshmallows.

As soon as I opened the box I knew it would be good. When I opened the bag inside, it smelled just like a cup of rich and creamy coffee.

You know how sometimes you get something coffee-flavored, like ice cream, and it just doesn't taste like good coffee? This is not that.

These taste just like your favorite coffee drinks with or without milk. They're a great way to start your day but they're just as great a way to end your day, too.

These new cereals are made with real Dunkin' coffee so they contain a very small amount of caffeine,  roughly 1/10th of a cup of coffee.

I have to also say that I've been watching my calorie intake lately and these are not as bad as you'd think for a cereal filled with caramel and chocolate and marshmallows. One serving is 1-1/3 cups and is only 150 calories.

If you remember my snack station post, I like to snack on cereals. I measure out servings and keep them handy in sandwich bags as a grab and go snack and these are perfect. Can you imagine these in a cereal bar recipe??? YUM.

Now you can have your coffee and eat it too! Post Dunkin’ cereals are rolling out nationwide beginning in August, so look for it in your grocery store's cereal aisle.

Learn more about the new Post Dunkin’ cereals here.

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Are you a coffee lover? Have you tried Post Dunkin' cereals yet? I love to read your comments!

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